Would it be okay for a 16 year old girl to go on Medifast?

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My first question is Would it be okay for a 16 year old girl to go on Medifast? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Ok I know alot of medifast products are made with soy , doesnt soy produce more estrogen? Since starting I am having more pain in my breast where I have had a cyst for 15 years (ususally happens at TOM) and this month I had TMI ALERT bright red bleeding for my period which I usually dont have periods once in a great while as I have an IUD and iv been having more migraines (not bad ones) but enough so I have to take an imitrex. I know fat stores estrogen so losing weight can cause your body to be thrown off too. Im down 16 lbs in 20 days so I'm excited and hopeful, just wondering what you all thought..

Thanks helen..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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For example for me I'm on YAZ and well I was bleeding right on time all time....and well when I came back on Medifast full throttle I had break through bleeding and it was heavy AND talk about cramps LOL...but now it has subsided some!.

Give it a few weeks to a month....up to three months maybe......

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Plus, estrogen is stored in your fat and as you burn the fat the estrogen is released into your bloodstream. That means (at least for me) heavier and longer periods...

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Since starting this program my T.O.M's have been horrid. my last one lasted 3 weeks and was extremely heavy the whole time. there was a few times I swear I felt like I was going to pass out over it. I am going to minimize the amount of soy shakes and such that I drink and see if that helps. hopefully it does..

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I am having the opposite problem! When I started Medifast my TOM became heavy and really long, but now for the past month my TOM is MIA. I took 2 pregnancy tests two weeks apart and I am not pregnant (I shouldn't be anyway). I am going to see the doctor about this soon, but I think it is just the diet making our bodies out of whack, because we are eating so much soy and I imagine most of us never consumed this much soy pre MF. Hope we all get straightened out eventually...hormones are wonky...

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I am on day five and was shocked when I had a TOM as I don't usually ever have them anymore due to ablation. What I really logged on for was to find out how long this plan usually takes to see weight loss because as of today...I have ZERO!! I was thinking that the first week would be the "5" of "2-5" lbs per week then much lower after that. Any thoughts...I have a total of 27 lbs to lose...

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Its still possible to bleed with the ablation..

You dont have that much to lose so you prob wont lose every week!..

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Do any of you feel so much soy is dangerous? thoughts?..

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My doc said that me being fat was alot more dangerous than the soy on this plan...

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The soy free products are the fruit drinks, the ice teas, the hot drinks, scrambled eggs, antioxidant shakes, soft serve and cream of tomato soup...

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Another note about the soy: 2 mg of soy isoflavones is approximately equivalent to 1 mg of Clomid! Just so others aren't caught unaware.....

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I remember when I first started and dropped the first 40 pounds so fast, I had to decrease my estrogen because I was having all the signs and symptoms of too much estrogen, once I plataued with my weight I was fine, still on lower dose which is good, I'm suppose to start decreasing and off by the time I hit 50, another thank you to medifast. I'm able to get off my estrogen..natural estrogen releases alot better than replacement estrogen....

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I wonder about estrogen levels too. I'm on birth control as well and that contains estrogen. I wonder if I could harm myself with too much estrogen? I go to a free clinic for my birth control pills and when I asked the doctor about soy increasing estrogen and if I needed to worry she said she didn't know anything about soy and estrogen..

Great! That's encouraging..

As far as periods, I had a couple be heavier then normal, but they seem to be back to light periods now...

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Im really bummed because iv been having migraines since week 2 and I'm starting my week 4, I'm not stopping MF, I have never had results like this, I'm just worried and now my anxiety is getting really high becasue my head hurts. I see my dr (GYNO) on may 6th so we will see what he says, maybe I should not eat the boca burgers anymore and start trying some of the non soy products just to see. just feeling nervous..

Thanks helen..

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Here is an Medifast article on soy (under success tools>eat right).


Also, I found a good website on headaches:.


MF made my TOM a LOT longer, also, but I had a baby just over a year ago..

I also get shooting pains in the side of my head, but I notice it's only when I have Equal or artifical sweetener..

Dehydration can be a cause of headaches as well..

Swilley - you might not have lost b/c of TOM.. I usually gain a good 3-4 lbs of water when I'm on TOM....

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I used to get a couple migraines a I rarely get one...

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Thanks, I drink so much water at least 100 oz a day and iv lost 16 pds and this is day 20 so ifeel like I'm doing it right. I talked to my husband and I'm just going to experiment with using the soy free medifast products for the majority of my meals and only having a few of the ones with soy and see if I feel better. I know every time ihave soy sauce I get a migraine. things will all work out, iim a fighter and I'm not giving up. I bought a pair of size 20 w jeans from goodwill and they fit, I was almost a 24 when I started as my 22w were so tight I couldnt breathe, so grateful to have all of you here to talk too. thanks so much.


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Thanks to all of you for posting on this! I have been noticing changes and I knew about the soy and, boy, am I feeling dumb for not putting 2 and 2 together. Thanks so much!..

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... and then there's the issue of genetically modified soy.....

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Also just wanted to recommend to you Bragg's Amino Acids, in case you're interested. You can find it in health food stores and some lg grocery stores. It's basically soy sauce that is natural and it's actually good for you. (no preservatives, etc.) Was recommended by my nutritionist, Dr. Fred Bisci, who is a purist.

I actually like it a lot better than soy sauce....

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I was supposedly in full menopause when I had bloody spotting for four days (preceded by ovulation pain and wicked PMS), just 10 days into my Medifast diet! Coincidence? I doubt it!.

I'm going to mention it to my GYN when I next see her!.

I am also concerned it was the additional soy..


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Before starting Medifast, I hadn't had my period for a very long time due to being so obese. Once I started dropping weight, my period started coming regularly, which was fine. I took it as a sign that my body was doing what it was supposed to. Well, I am currently on my third week of my current period. It has been brutal! I know that losing so much weight has really done a number on my metabolism and hormones. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, but I'm thinking I may need to.

It's definitely a negative, but I'm so happy about the weight loss that I can't complain too much!..

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I read somewhere that your period may be more intense while on Medifast. I found that I had more cramping. My daughter is also doing Medifast and her period is lasting too long. (10 days so far) I am asking her to get a checkup, as I am concerned..

I will let you know what we find out...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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