Who has better tasting food? Medifast or Jenny Craig?

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Quick question... Who has better tasting food? Medifast or Jenny Craig? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. As i'm plotting to plan second order i'm wondering what Medifast products do you always make sure you order or have in the house?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I buy a variety of everything (except cappucino...ewwwww.....).


Comment #2

Too funny! Plotting- that's exactly what it's like..

I start plotting early; as soon as I place an order I'm working on the next. Keep working on it until it's time to place the next order..

I always order the following:.

Vanilla shake,.


A bar (preferable peanut butter crunch since I find the others way too sweet for my liking).

Lately I also have been buying the drinks. Why? Because depending on what else I plan on eating I might need a quick, down the hatch extra low-carb alternative. They are not my favorite meal but they work perfectly in a pinch - low-carb, low-calorie, on the lighter side vs a shake, etc..

At least 2 oatmeals -I'm okay with them all as long as they soak for at least 1 hour (lol).

2 soups, normally Cream of Chicken, Cream and Broccoli, and Maryland Crab (I turn it into a seafood soup - yum!).

A pudding, usually I don't eat it as intended but use it to thicken my shakes, especially when I need to double-up on meals..

Hope this helps! I try to keep various Medifast meals on hand. This way I can experiment with different yet simple ways to prepare meals to give myself as much variety as possible. Also, as my taste buds change I find the there are some things I like now that I didn't before or things that I previously like that I no longer have a taste for. Happy Medifast shopping!.


Comment #3

PB Crunch Bars, RTD Chocolate Shakes, and both flavors of pretzels. That's all I get these days!..

Comment #4

I change it up a little every month, but gotta have cappuccino, hot coco, PB soft serve and a variety of bars ( I travel a lot and depend on bars for on the road time). I have to say that I really like most of the medifast foods. I think I will lean more towards the shakes when summer finally rolls around...

Comment #5

Chicken noodle soup.


Pb crunch bars.

Any and all shakes.

Hot cocoa.

Any oatmeal.

Plain pancakes..

Comment #6

Chili nacho cheese puffs, pancakes (if you like them, I make muffins out of them and use them as bread), LOTS of bars (I love smores, chocolate mint, peanut butter, cinnamon roll, chocolate...) I also like chocolate pudding (which I turn into frosties!), and brownies..

All yum!..

Comment #7

Hi! how do you make muffins out of pancakes? Sounds good but I don't know where to find the recipe. Thanks!..

Comment #8

Pb bars, and chilli nacho cheese puffs.....

And occasionally essential 1 calorie burn strawberry lemonade and or mixed berry flavor infusers.....

That's all I eat other than my lean and green and occasionaly apple cinnamon soy crisps..

Comment #9

Chicken Noodle, Chili, Cw/WR, Maryland Crab soups, all oatmeals, cc pancakes and brownies!!! I do love all the hot drinks. I love to make the chai latte into icing/frosting for a double dose of CC pancakes and brownie!!.


Comment #10

Oatmeal (breakfast every day).

Chicken Noodle or Chicken Rice soup (lunch every day).

Brownie (last Medifast meal, and I usually eat the brownie frozen).

I alternate the other two meals between with whatever sounds good or I have on hand. I remember that in the summer I used lots of the cold drinks...

Comment #11

FOREVERFABULOUS, to make the pancake muffin I do the following:.

Combine pancake mix, 1/4 cup water and 1/8 teaspoon baking powder (non aluminum) in the shaker jar..

Shake at least 5 times (I shake a little extra to be sure it's well mixed.).

Let sit in fridge 10-30 mins..

Pour pancake batter into the biggest roundest coffee mug you have (microwave safe.).

Microwave for 1 min. 30 seconds (you may want to experiment, see what works for you.).

It pops right out, and you can add a little sugar-free pancake syrup, etc..

Do a search for pancake muffins if you want variations..


Comment #12

I like a variety of things, but my "go-to's?".

Hot Cocoa.

Vanilla Pudding (make a coffee shake EVERY morning).

The Cold Drinks (see my blog-2 a day minimum w/.

At least.

4 liters of water).

Beef Vegetable Soup (A new FAVE! Especially with shirataki fettuccini noodles... Best beef noodle soup, EVER!).

Chili-Cheese Puffs.

MBS Oatmeal.

Chocolate Crunch Bars.

If I have these on hand, I'm golden! I have a ton of other stuff too, but would lose my mind without my "go-to's!".

Just as an aside, my L&G "Lean go-to's:".

Crockpot Shredded Chicken Breast(I do this every other Sunday and get 4-5.


Meals out of it).




...and once a week~London Broil (or some other red meat)..

Comment #13

I always will order chocolate pudding. It seems like in the evening after my LG for dinner I'm not real hungry so that just hits the spot..

Both kind of pancakes.


Choc. mint soft serve that I use as ice cream or as a shake..

Comment #14

Too funny. I too have these three every day, and at the same times...

Comment #15

Vanilla Pudding, Chocolate pudding, blueberry oatmeal, chocolate and orange cream shakes...

Comment #16

It's very interesting how different we all are in our Medifast faves!.

My go-to meals are: BROWNIES (at least one a day or I could never do this program), choc shakes, PB bar, Smore Bar, Chic Noodle Soup, Raspberry Iced Tea and Cinn Pretzels...

Comment #17

I don't dare try the brownies this early because I am not sure I could stay OP. I'd probably eat more than 5 because I have such a problem in that way, with stopping I mean...

Comment #18

I haven't really figured out a "go to" meal yet, I do like the puddings, but made as a shake instead with ice and water. I really don't have anything I like that much more than anything else yet...

Comment #19

Vanilla pudding - good for my coffee "frapp" and in recipes for vanilla flavor.

Chocolate pudding - shakes and pudding.

Chocolate chip pancakes - muffins and breads (sifting out and saving the choc chips for other things if it's something savory I'm after. There's always a place for choc chips somewhere!).

Puffs (and pretzels would be on there too if I could eat wheat - they were delish).

Everything else I can make do, but those particular items are so versatile and play a part in several different kinds of meals, so they're my new "staples"..

Comment #20

"To-go" meals, I love the bars! I make a soup almost everyday for lunch...

Comment #21

1) Must have oatmeal - any flavor will do, but blueberry and peach are favs..

2) Must have chili-cheese puffs - amazing..

3) Must have brownies - became a favorite once I perfected the cooking time for me..

4) Must have s'more crunch bars - very good...

Comment #22

Must have oatmeal (love mbs, blueberry, and apple cinn).

Must have chili and chick w/wild rice soup.

Must have lemon bars and smores bars..

I also LOVE the dark chocolate antioxidant shake..

My husband orders the chocolate chip pancakes by the case...

Comment #23

The items I could not live without are the brownies (I like them right out of the freezer), puffs (both flavors), chocolate chip pancakes, and bars (PB, Smore, Caramel, Choc Mint, Fruit & Nut). I usually have one of these for my last meal at night. It makes me feel like I'm having dessert. Yumm!..

Comment #24

Must have chocolate shakes.

Must have eggs.

Must have pancakes, plain and chocolate chip.

My tastes have changed since I started, at first I could not live without puffs. Now, I have no idea how I ever liked them!.


Comment #25

Apple Cinn Oatmeal.

Fruit and nut crunch bars.

Chicken noodle soup.

Original Pancakes (almost always made as a muffin or bread substitute).

Parmesan Puffs.

Those are the staples of my plan. I also use the shakes for diabetics because of lower carbs (I'm not diabetic) but rarely made as a shake, usually a shake cake. Once in a while I add in PB bars but the idea of brownies or candy bar type bars scares me. I'm not sure I could regulate my use of those, yet. Violet..

Comment #26

Everyday I eat : Hot Cocoa for breakfast, a bar of some sort (usually choc mint but sometimes chocolate crunch or lemon bar), the dark chocolate shake is a standard meal for me that I look forward to, every night is ended with the delicious brownie. So, thos are the items I always order. I throw in some cheese puffs and pretzels for on the convenience. I also order cold drinks because, well, I live in Texas and we're getting into the season where a cold drink is very appreciated. I might start ordering some oatmeal next time...

Comment #27

Choc chip pancakes, vanilla pudding, calorie burn cappuccino, brownie, chick noodle soup (to make chips) smores bars- I now LOVE the chili nacho puffs (didn't like them very much at first)..

Comment #28

I always get cappucino, chx soup, pb soft serve (made into a shake), banana pudding (made into a shake), pb bars, puffs choc chip pancakes and brownies...

Comment #29

I buy the bag of frozen chicken breasts at walmart for $6'ish and put them all in the crockpot with a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash (I'm into the chili-lime one right now) and a carton of low-sodium chicken broth. In the morning the broth is almost gone, and the chicken just falls apart. I shred it with a couple forks and then portion it out and freeze it. Too easy!.

I add sliced peppers and a bit more of the Mrs Dash and roll in lettuce leaves for fajitas..

Stir fry it with cauli-rice and chinese veggies..

Make soup....the possibilities are endless with soup..

It's just so easy to pull one of the containers out of the freezer and add "whatever" to it for L&G..

Sorry for no real recipe....just easy peasy shredded chicken..


Comment #30

Chai Frosting?!?! never had nor heard of that, my BF (we doing it together) made an iced chai thing this weekend which turned out pretty decent, but this frosting idea I would like to heard more about...share please!..

Comment #31

Brownies, pretzels (honey mustard), bars, chocolate chip pancakes and dark chocolate shake. I can make anything out of these staples!..

Comment #32

Oatmeal, I love it and it really fills me up! I like the soups/chili too, because I use them in maintenance and really bulk them up with extra veggies for a filling, high protein, low calorie meal...

Comment #33

All of the above.

I really love having a shake every morning, I've never been a big breakfast person and these make me feel like I'm not actually eating anything, even though I really am. My favs are the banana, dark chocolate, and cherry pomegranate..

Bars and puffs (both flavors), brownies, and I have some form of soup each day (chili and chicken & wild rice are my favs)..

Comment #34

BARS - anything but the chocolate mint. I ran out of bars and was in between pay days, but thankfully a friend let me buy some from her. She's a HUGE stockpiler and had cases of all the different kinds of bars stacked in her basement. Right now, though, life for me is paycheck to paycheck so that means having to eat (and drink!) my non-faves. But that's OK, ya know? It's all just fuel for the journey! But I, too, am plotting my next order... chili nacho puffs - YUM! And I haven't tried the pretzels in a while, so may throw in some of those for good measure.

It totally makes me nauseous from the first sip. So much so that I'm afraid to order any of the other cold drinks. But come June or July, I may be singing a different tune!..

Comment #35

Vanilla pudding for my morning coffee addiction, crunch bars for busy weekend when I'm out and about a lot, chocolate chip pancakes because I just love them...

Comment #36

Depending on your daily condiment could try a crystal light packet mixed with the cold drinks and then diluted with lots of water. I do a Medifast drink, a crystal light packet, and 2 liters of water! I love them...

Comment #37

Stupid question alert...if you are putting the drink packet amongst 2 L of H2O are you just using it as a little flavor to sip through out the day and counting the meal that way, or are you making some type of concoction to drink in a single sitting for the meal. i'm thinking trying one of the cold drinks but am unsure how they will go over.....

Comment #38

I drink 2 of the cold drinks every day, split between 4 liters of water. It takes me awhile to sip them. and I get extra water...

Comment #39

Really like this idea, especially since I'm not a huge fan of the drinks. I do keep them on hand and drink them regularly since they are on the lighter side of the calories and carb count. Especially great when I'm just not feeling particularly hungry...

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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