Who has better food, Medifast or Jenni Craig?

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First question I have is Who has better food, Medifast or Jenni Craig? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... My blender just broke..

Any recommendations?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Many people LOVE the Ninja for making shakes, ss ice cream, etc. When my budget allows, I want to get one too! I have an Oster blender which does a nice job, but it sounds like the Ninja is DA BOMB!..

Comment #2

My magic bullet bit the dust after about a year, burnt all up....i went to bed bath and beyond and bought the cheapest (12 after 20% off coupon) hamilton beach counter top one I could find and it works like a gem...

Comment #3

I love my Magic Bullet but it is dying (after 2 years)... thanks for the other ideas!..

Comment #4

I like the Bella Cucina and the Ninja best...

Comment #5

I've got a GE Rocket that I got at Walmart for $20, and I'm on my second one since the beginning of the year. While on the one hand, it's only $20 and does the job when it's up and running, I'm constantly wrangling with the rubber seal and you become so reliant on these things that when they conk out, you're kinda up the creek until you can drag yourself out to pick up a replacement. When this one bites the dust, I'm going to get another Magic Bullet my last one lasted me quite a while..

One note about the Ninja: we've got one and it's great for some things, including pulverizing ice into snow in seconds, but I don't think it's ideal for things like shakes. For one thing, a cup of water just barely fills it, and you can end up with a lot of the powder stuck to the sides of the carafe. Moreover, you just get more shake when you blend in the same container you're going to drink out of, like with a MB or something similar..

My $.02...

Comment #6

I love my Ninja and have had no problems making shakes in it. I pour in the water, then the powder, then the ice. Last evening, I was telling my daughter that the Ninja is the best blender I've ever owned. BTW, bought mine at Walmart for $35. Comes with a big pitcher blender and a small prep blender. I use the small prep blender about 3 times a day...

Comment #7

I love my Blendtec.

I had a Magic Bullet and it was honestly one of the worst purchases I've made for the kitchen. I swear there must be 2 versions of it out there, because people either love it or hate it. Mine would smoke before getting to chunky, much less smoothie, even with lots of liquid...

Comment #8

I had a Magic Bullet and it was honestly one of the worst purchases I've made for the kitchen. I swear there must be 2 versions of it out there, because people either love it or hate it. Mine would smoke before getting to chunky, much less smoothie, even with lots of liquid.[/quote].

I agree- there must be a poser out there because I LOVE mine- I love that there are lost of cups that come with is and a little sippy top, I love how it makes soft serve and shakes. I got mine from Costco- BEWARE of the "fake" magic bullets..

Comment #9

I have a Magic Bullet. I like it. I like all the cups and lids and what not it comes with, and drinking out of the cup I blend stuff in..

However, I haven't used any of the other blenders that others have mentioned, and as such I have no basis for comparison..

I should add, also, that I don't think it does a really good job for the soft serve...

Comment #10

LOVE MY NINJA! I got a Magic Bullet when I signed up at the Medifast center. They gave me one with my membership. It's been less than a month and it's burning up. The black rubber base that spins the blender around is already chewed up and it's not blending anything with ice very well. The Ninja has been awesome. I can make anything in it...

Comment #11

I'm getting my Ninja tomorrow from! I'm so excited as my $10 Hamilton Beach processor died out on me..

I don't know what brand I'm using now but I'm very much looking forward to getting to use the ninja..

Comment #12

I used the Medifast "Healthmate" blender 2-3 times a day for more than a year, and it worked fine. Got it at a good price due to my discounts...

Comment #13

I've been using the Hamilton Beach blender for maybe 5 or 6 weeks and it's been working very well. You can get them at Wal-Mart for about $15. It generally gets really good reviews. A small number of people have reported problems, but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive...

Comment #14

Health Mate Blender. Best blender I ever bought, and has lasted FOR-E-VER...

Comment #15

I've got both the Magic Bullet and Ninja. I use the Magic Bullet to make all of my shakes since I don't have to wash up any extra containers or glasses. But I use the Ninja for everything else. And it does an excellent job with the soft serve. The Magic Bullet was terrible with the soft serve...

Comment #16

I Love my NINJA but do make my morning coffee drinks in the HealthMate Blender. (I wish I could order a few more large cups for it...I love that the blender cups are dishwasher safe, but don't run my dishwasher but once a week. Need 4 more cups!) It's worked fine for the pudding shakes and such. I also use it to "blend" small amounts of ingredients, like for marinades. But when it comes to everything else, the NINJA rocks. It's a blender AND a food processor! Just my humble opinion!..

Comment #17

Ninja!! I use the small prep jar all day long. I agree with whoever said water first for shakes. Works like a charm. Got mine on amazon for $34, cheaper than a magic bullet...

Comment #18

I have both the Magic Bullet and the smallest NINJA they make. Love them both equally..

Comment #19

Love my Magic Bullet, but mine is new so interesting to see the life span on here of about 1-2 years...

Comment #20

I'm impatient. A stick blender is my choice, and if the food won't conform to my minimalist lifestyle, I shift which packets I'm fixing. I even want a stick blender that rinses in ten seconds rather than 30. So I'm really impatient..

When fixing a fresh salsa or what I'd call real food a red pepper sauce for that steak or a stir fry, I'll use a food processor. I do have a blender and a mini chop, not for fixing Medifast meals. For me, the frozen desserts were too much fuss, so they turned into shakes and we won't buy them again. All of the above blenders and choppers are either Oster or Cuisinart...

Comment #21

I have owned my Magic Bullet for about 4 yrs now and I really like it - with the exception of a couple of things:.

Don't bother with ice! First time I tried using the large blender to make a smoothie - I poured out the drink and chunks of the plastic came off the sides of the blender. Not good! Even with the little cups it takes awhile to blend ice and I usually end up throwing out the chunks because I don't want to wait that long nor hear it..

The "pulse" feature (where you just tap it down) is a real pain...I have yet to be able to do this correctly..everything becomes pureed!.

I lose a portion of my meal under the blades and on the lid. So it probably works out if you have to pour your shake into another glass you can use a small spatula to get the left over but it is pretty difficult to get under the blades and get the leftovers. Usually I just lick the lid..haha..but watch out for the blades..of course..

Other than that it has worked wonderfully. I don't have a problem w/the SS but apparently I'm missing something. I recently purchased a Ninja based on so many recommendations on the board. Hoping it will meet my expectations..

I will see how Ninja works and if I need to give it away and keep MB or vice versa..

Best of luck!..

Comment #22

I love the ninja. It handles ice and shreds cauliflower better than any other blender I've tried...

Comment #23

I was just looking at Ninjas on amazon and there are a zillion different kinds ranging from $38 to almost $400!!!.

What kind do you all use? I'm hoping it's the $40 ones and not the $400!.


Comment #24

I have a Bella Cucina rocket blender from Macy's. I love it! It breaks up ice really well in shakes and it came with like 5 cups and 2 blades. I think it was only about $30 too!..

Comment #25

I got.

The smallest one they have.

... after having gone to Bed, Bath & Beyond and seeing the "regular" one was so enormous! Since I was only looking to use it for shakes, puddings and soft-serv, I wanted something about the size of my Magic Bullet but even this smallest Ninja is.


A bit bigger..

Hope that helps!..

Comment #26

Thanks, I am going to order one today! I am tired of messing with my big blender!..

Comment #27

I have a Magic Bullet and I don't like it. I just bought a Ninja and can't wait to use it. It was on the other day...

Comment #28

I got my Ninja blender Saturday and I LOVE IT!! My shakes taste so much better, it's a bazillion times easier to blend the puddings, and ice cream comes out PERFECT!.

I might be in love lol..

Comment #29

I can't wait to use mine. Lots of good gadgets came with it. We were out of town this weekend so I opened mine up last night and got everything washed and ready to blend...

Comment #30

Just used my Ninja for the first time. I NEVER would have bought it without hearing from MFers. Too many bad infomercial disasters on the market. Anyhow, I just threw some ice in the prep bowl, punched it a couple times, and I just stared in disbelief...the full-size cubes really did reduce to fluffy shavings! I adore this thing! I still have my big pretty Jenn-Air Attrezzibut I'll be using the Ninja daily...

Comment #31

I have the ninja and love it but I always have to use the big blender because I can't seem to get the top seated right on the small containers. Is there a trick??? Thanks!!..

Comment #32

My Ninja from Woot came the other day too..

To seat the smallest container you have to line up grooves in the black part with the rectangular grooves on the container. I struggled with it at first too..

Love the Ninja but I am keeping my old Magic Bullet. I also took it with me when I traveled, and the Ninja is too big for that..

I wish the Ninja had a smaller container..

I also used the hand held mixer this weekend and it worked great...

Comment #33

Thanks Dora! I'll keep trying lol. I may be ninja challenged!..

Comment #34

Just got my email from amazon that my Ninja shipped. Can't wait to try it out!..

Comment #35

I bought a Ninja from and it is the best. I've owned $$ blenders that didn't work half as well as this one. And a huge plus is that it is the quietest blender I've ever used...

Comment #36

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