Which one works better? Weight Watchers, Medifast or Jenny Craig?

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First of all Which one works better? Weight Watchers, Medifast or Jenny Craig? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I'm looking for some local friends to chat with. are any of you wisconsin... missing our delicious cheese lol....


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I'm doing alright, i'm just starting day 6. ive had some trouble avoiding small temptations (candy dishes, cake at work etc.) but i've done it so far, so I figure I will be able to keep going. I haven't had the headache you're talking about, but I have heard other people talk about getting them in the first week. It'll get easier!.

By the way, I'm in madison..

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Hey there! I'm from Hales Corners, Wisconsin. This is day number 10 for me! So far so good...

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Hi gals. I'm from Muskego. This is also day number 10 for me! Lost 5 pounds the first week, so that was a ton of motivation to keep going. Besides, it has been quite easy so far. For some reason nothing around me even tempts me to eat off plan. Which is amazing for me..

I had a killer headache the 2nd day, but it's been smooth sailing since then...

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BGlubby -.

Muskego, hey? We're practically neighbors! My first week was great also - 7 lbs down. This really is an easy plan to follow and no temptations so far- but -tonight may be the big test as my son wants pizza (I love pizza)- so I told him I'd get him one tonight. He'll just have to eat it in another room..

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We are very close!.

I work late (6:30) every Monday and we've always had pizza Monday nights because it's too late for me to cook something. I used to pick it up on my way home, but the past 2 Mondays I've had my fiancee pick it up on his way home so he and the kids (he has 2 teenage boys that live with us) can eat it before I even get home. It worked well!!! Only an empty pizza box in the garage to look at and tempt me...and frankly I'm not a big fan of cardboard.....

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I hear that, cardboard isn't as good as youd think... lol. It's nice to hear from people around home. Day 6 and still going. I'm nervous with this even though i'm following everything. I've failed to lose my extra padding several (well more than several) times in the past and I really want to believe this will work but i'm hesitant.

I'm a dance major at UW and can't exactly cut back on my exercise, it's required. So more calories in... more out? we'll see. all I know, is that when i'm burning an average of 3000 cal a day, 800 in would not be healthy. I'm hoping medifast will help make my body that it doesn't need those extra 30 lbs and will kick it into ketosis..

Nice to hear from you all. And thank you for listening.


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Hey newbies, glad to see a wi thread. i'm from green bay (GO PACK). just recommitted to Medifast on Oct. 1st. Doing good so far. down almost 9lbs.

Best of luck to you Wisconsinites! Rob..

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Hi everyone!.

I'm a partial Wisconsin resident. I teach at a college in Michigan, so I'm here during the academic year, but I'm HOME the rest of the time. My fiance lives just south of Fond du Lac, my parents are near Baraboo, I went to college in LaCrosse and grad school at UW-Milwaukee. I have a sister in Madison, and friends and relatives all over the state. So Wisconsin is definately home..

It's great to chat with people from home!.

Go Pack!..

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