Which food is better, Medifast or Jenny Craig?

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Quick question... Which food is better, Medifast or Jenny Craig? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... I was wondering if any of you take diet pills or herbal suppliments of any kind to help with your weight loss? if so what kind? does it help at all? I think I need something extra to help me. medifast alone isnt proving to be very effective at all anymore..

I just dont get it, I am on plan 100% of the time. yet still I am only seeing a .25 - .50 pound loss every week for the last 5weeks. I drink all my water, walk 1 mile each day, I measure everything and cut out all condiments..still nothing ! anyone have any suggestions? I am seriously confused and a bit frustrated right now. Idont want to quit or give up But it's difficult when you never see any results at all. a .25 pound loss each week is nothing to someone with over 100 pounds to lose. How is it even possiable to not lose wieght on this plan? almost all of the first 40 I lost was within the first 2 months..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Funny you should mention the thyroid doctor recently checked it but my blood work results havent come in yet. my body temp is consistantly low every time I went in for my monthly check ups which is one of the symptoms I guess..

Hopefully there is nothing wrong with it, last thing I want is to be relient on any sort of meds but if there is something wrong at least I'll know what it is. thanks for your input though, I didnt realize they werent allowed. I will steer clear of the pills afterall I am doing this to get healthy not hurt myself...

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The reliance on thyroid meds can be temporary, depending on what the problem is. I have no thyroid, so there are no choices for me. However, I would rather be reliant on a medication that is going to help my body function the way it should. It's just a pill and when they work right, it's amazing the difference you'll feel...

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I'm sorry you're not seeing the results you want right now, that must be really frustrating. I hope you get it figured out soon!.

As far as thyroid meds...they seem to get a bad reputation, everyone talks about wanting to not be on on them, but I guess I don't feel that way. I have a damaged pituitary so I'll be on thyroid meds the rest of my life (as well as gh shots) but it doesn't bother me. I'd rather take a tiny pill every day and feel normal and not gain weight uncontrollably..

Just my 2 cents..

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I'm confused. You've been a member since April of 2011, so you've been on Medifast a maximum of 15 days, and your ticker on your MyPage indicates you have lost 40 lbs already. What's disappointing about that? Are you for real? I'm REALLY confused...

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Humm..said on her page she had been on program for 4 months and lost 40 pounds during that time. Perhaps she just found the website/boards. Makes perfect sense to me..

Congrats on your weight loss and do hang in there Nichole_Augusta! Perhaps your body is on a stall. Nutrition Support is good with giving ideas to jump start your weight loss again if you check out over there. Also, there are tips and tricks under the "Success Tools" tab ~"Eat Right"~ "Plateau Tips". Maybe there is something there to help out..

Good luck!!..

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Someone posted a link to the tsfl website on a diet review website I was checking out. I was buying from them, I didnt realize there were official boards till much much later...

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4 months and 40 lbs is a good loss. It is within the Medifast guidelines, so congratulations!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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