Which diet plan? Lean Cuisine, Slim Fast, Medifast, etc?

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First of all Which diet plan? Lean Cuisine, Slim Fast, Medifast, etc? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... I am waiting for my Medifast order to arrive but I was wondering what day of the week you started on. I'm probably going to start on Monday just to begin fresh. I know I can do this and WILL do this!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

If you work you might want to start on Friday or Saturday and let your body adjust and get by the hunger pains of the first few days before dealing with a full schedule. Otherwise go for it. I started on a Wednesday because I couldn't wait any longer. First time I ever remember nit starting a diet on a Monday. Little change of mindset this time. This time I am recapturing the me I want to be and I didn't want to wait o e more minute to get on with becoming the hot woman I know is inside.

Stay strong. Energy will hit after the first couple of days...

Comment #2

Begin when you can relax a bit and when if you get the headaches and tiredness some people get the first few days it's not gonna be a problem. If you work all week at a really physical job then I'd say start on saturday. If weekends are crazy for you like they are for me, then start monday. Don't sabatoge yourself from the start by starting on a day that you know you need to be in top performance because then you're more likely to cheat just to get thru the day..

But when you do start, do it with a positive attitude, think about how amazing this is and how it's gonna change your life forever!..

Comment #3

I got my shipment on a Thursday. Was going to start on Monday since we had dinner plans on Saturday. Then thought I'd wait an extra week because the next Thursday was Thanksgiving. But when I opened my box and got it all organized.....I decided to start the next day. I realized that there would always be some reason to wait just a little longer and I was ready to start NOW. Do what you are most comfortable with, but I have never regretted starting that next day...

Comment #4

Lisa - Try cutting out the carbs and sugar NOW. That will put you a step ahead and possibly help you avoid the detox symptoms of the first week when your food does get there..

I started the morning after I got my order. I took the evening before to read all the documentation and go to the store to get everything I needed (food scale, blender, etc) to make Medifast easier...

Comment #5

When your food arrives, you're going to be too excited not to start right away..

Comment #6

I work in a very demanding, stressful, fast-paced, dynamic (read: crazy) environment where I have to be able to react quickly on a moment's notice. For me, I thought it would be best to start on a.


That way the typical.

First three days of your body adjusting to MF.

(and the potential for headaches, low-energy and crankiness) would pass by the time Monday rolled around and I'd be feeling great! Luckily I did not have any low-energy or crankiness but I was still really really glad I started on Friday because when Monday came around I was well into the swing of things..

Hope that helps!..

Comment #7

I started on a Friday and it worked well for me. I went through my detox on the weekend...

Comment #8

I started on my vacation. As a teacher I just cannot be grumpy, low energy, headachy, and tired. I felt awful for a few days and was glad I waited..

However, do what works for you!..

Comment #9

It depends on your schedule, really. I started on the Wednesday after Labor Day, which gave me the long weekend to get organized (and I read all the materials over and over), and also to eat up the last of my farmer's market fruits and hide/give away some off plan items I didn't want around. But I also knew it would be a pretty low key work week for me, too. For me, I think I was glad to be at work and on a routine rather than home, but I'm used to a chronic illness that makes me feel tired and headache-y a lot, and I didn't find the first five days nearly as awful as some people do..

Just try to make your plans a little flexible, so if you need some extra rest or downtime you can get it...

Comment #10

Personally, I'd say immediately. I was planning a couple of days until it got convenientthen I started thinking about having one last drink (or 12) and I had a burger at my favorite place...and all I could think about was the Medifast anyway. So, I then started the very next morning. I think it was helpful for me to start when it wasn't the best timing. Kind of by starting out when it was not a good time kind of set me up in a mindset that I can do it when things aren't going "great". And yeah...I did have a horrible headache and wanted to die and ended up skipping a class and failing a Chinese test.

(That being said, I never would start right before midterms or something that would have a large life impact if I wasn't on my game)...

Comment #11

I started the moment the UPS man arrived.

In typical Sharean style, I hadn't had anything to eat that day yet, so I just started right then and there. I had read everything before hand and was prepared...

Comment #12

I started on a Thursday...THANKSGIVING DAY 2010.

I knew that if I could make it 100% OP on "feasting/grazing" day, I would be up for any challenges that would come my way..

Total commitment to MF, drinking ALL of your water, reading the forums, any day is a great day to start MF. It does work and works very well.

All the best as we continue our Medifast journey to GOAL!..

Comment #13

Wow, H2Orat, that's impressive and so is your progress!.

My Medifast supplies are coming Monday too. I started my own plan of whey shakes, greek yogurt and L&G until my supplies come. I didn't see the point of my inevitable binge and extra weight gain, just before I start a diet - especially with Easter this Sunday. I guess I finally got tired of saying "tomorrow"..

Do what makes sense for you and I'm glad to see someone starting with me!..

Comment #14

Start on whatever day you want your official weekly weigh-in day to be....that is if you're a weekly weigher...

Comment #15

A friend of mine was visiting from Phoenix when I got my food, she flew out Tuesday and I started Wednesday.

If she wasn't visiting I probably would have started that Monday. Really you should start when it feels right to you and the sooner that is the better!..

Comment #16

I think it all depends on your job. Say if you're a nurse or dr, I say wait until you have a day or 2 off work. Not the best idea to be entering ketosis when other people's lives are in danger :P I didn't have a hard time with it, but some people feel truly lousy. Otherwise, no day is more special or easier than another...

Comment #17

As soon as you have read the material and shopped for your L&G. The first 3 days will be tough. Make sure you PLAN, PLAN, PLAN..

The worst thing you can do is run out the door without having your food with you. Carry a few extra bars in your purse or car for those situations when you are delayed. Get a water bottle that you like drinking from. Some people like to use a straw..

Eat every 2-3 hours and go to bed early..

Best of luck...

Comment #18

Days 2 and 3 are the worst for most people. I started on a Friday, so I could take it easy when feeling bad. Other people prefer to be busy when they feel bad. Just be prepared for it. I had headaches, dizzyness and fatigue on days 2 & 3. Felt fine on day 4 and from then forward. Drink broth or eat pickles for the lightheadedness...

Comment #19

I agree with this whole-heartedly! Ideally, days 2-3 when you don't have to be anything or around anyone if that's what needs to be. Also, I found it helpful to nap through the "symptoms." (days 2-3) No time like the present!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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