What meals are good on Medifast?

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Question I have... What meals are good on Medifast? Thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hello! I am on day 9 of medifast and the scale hasn't budged for 5 days! I lost 3lbs the 1st 3 days (which I normally would on any diet). I have checked the urine strips and I am in ketosis. The only changes in the diet I have made is that I have had a light mozzerlla stick on occasion. (it has 50 cal and less than 1 carb).

(Not exercising at the moment at the suggestion of the program to wait the 1st 2 wks) Anyone have this experience if so, I will gladly take a bit of encouragement!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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You don't give enough info for me to be of much help, so I will just give some general information and you can take or leave it, as you like..

Weight loss is not linear, that is, it is not a daily downward movement. There are times when you will not lose anything (and despite being 100% faithful to the program, you may even gain). This is mainly due to hormonal fluctuations, water retention, and lack of elimination (Medifast alone is a great constipator all by itself; add cheese to that and you may be compounding the problem). If you are a woman and are near your time of the month, you may not lose anything due to the hormonal fluctuations. The great thing about that is that it is predictable, and afterwards you will likely see a pretty good drop in weight..

You don't say how much you have to lose, and that will be generally be a good indicator of how quickly the pounds drop. If you have lots to lose (100+ pounds), you will tend to lose much quicker at first than, for instance, someone with less than 20 pounds to lose. You also don't say what you are eating for your lean and green, if you are getting all your medifast meals in every day, and if you are measuring your lean and green to be sure that you are getting the full 5-7 ounces of protein and the full 3 servings of vegetables daily..

You did mention that drinking enough water has been a problem. Make sure you get the full amount because water is necessary to flush fat and toxins out of your body..

Last, but certainly not least, if looking at the normal daily weight fluctuations bothers you, stop weighing yourself every day. Daily weighing really does have a damaging psychological effect for many people, so if you are one to get discouraged easily then I suggest only getting on the scale once a week..

Keep at it, keep plugging along, and I guarantee you will see more weight loss...

Comment #2

Thanks for the responses so far! To give you a bit more info I am 40 yrs old, (not the time of the month yet) and I have about 60 lbs to loose. I am currently 205 and would like to reach 145. Have struggled with weight since childhood. After reading your replies I have to be honest I have not been that diligent with weighing and measuring. I will list what I had yesterday..

Worked 12 hr shift so my day started at 5am.

7am - Medifast pancakes with waldenfarms syrup.

930am- mint choc Medifast bar.

1130am- 1/2 Medifast choc shake (not sure when my lunch break would be).

1pm - taco salad about 2 cups of romaine lettuce, ground turkey with taco seasoning.

Spices a few cherry tomatoes, 2 tbsp salsa.

3pm - 1/2 Medifast choc shake.

5pm- Medifast eggs (1/2 pc lt cheese in them).

745pm- Medifast pretzels.

845pm - lt mozz. cheese stick (50 cal less than 1 gm carb).

My schedule varies I usually only work 2 12hr shifts a week..

I have measurements from before the diet but I haven't measured since. My scrubs do feel a tiny bit looser but figured that was the 3 lbs I 1st lost..

It sounds like I need to measure and keep track a little more closely of my veggies and condiments. I think if anything I may have actually underdone the veggies at times..

For those of you that have responded thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer me!.

I am not giving up yet (which is what I usually would do!) I am determined to give this a full month before giving in to the scale!.

Drank about 20oz of crystal light and 40oz of water...

Comment #3

Thanks for the thread link! I just read it and feel a little less discouraged. Sounds like I need to do a bit more measuring for starters! In reading some responses to that thread also figured out that some of the recipes that people have posted in online forums do contain lt cheeses and laughing cow cheese, which I just assumed I was aloud to have. I relooked at my Medifast sheet and nope it is not on there! So I will give a little more dilegence and a little less focus on the scale for now and see how it goes! Thanks for the support and what a tremendous accomplishment in your weight loss!..

Comment #4

Low fat and reduced fat cheeses are allowed, but they are a part of your lean portion for the day, not an addition to it. If you have not already, go to the Success Tools tab at the top of the page and click on Eat Right. There you will find all of medifast downloads (lean options, green options, meatless lean options, and much more). If you want to use cheese as your lean, go ahead. Just make sure it falls into the parameters set in the meatless options list and count it as part of your lean for the day...

Comment #5

Thanks for the tips! still navigating my way around the site and I really appreciate everyones help! I will be sure to print the info out..

Comment #6

I have exactly the same amount of weight to lose, starting off the same and the same goal weight. I've noticed that even though the scale isn't moving like I wish, my clothes are definitely much looser than they were before, and I can see a real difference in my face and other areas. I'm learning that the number on the scale isn't necessarily the best way to judge changes in my body. I hope you do stick with it...I know I've been pleased with my overall results, and have learned a lot...

Comment #7

Ground turkey is usually made from the dark AND light portions of turkey meat, and therefore may be too high in fat to be considered a lean every day. Also the sodium involved in the taco seasoning is making the water you ARE drinking even LESS bio-available for fat metabolism/burning..

You are limiting your losses by not drinking your water. You must get plenty of water in, and even extra if you are continuing with the taco seasoning. Make it a goal to drink 100 oz of pure water each day for a week, and change up your lean to chicken breast or some other leaner option, and WEIGH IT....(they don't recommend to weigh and measure for no are probably NOT getting enough protein)..

You will see a good loss if you do these things...

Comment #8

Thanks for sharing with us your meal plan. If everyone did this from the beginning when they have problems, it makes it so much easier for us to help you troubleshoot..

My advice would be to drink your water, make sure you subtract whatever cheese you use throughout the day from your daily lean allotment, and avoid tweaking the Medifast meals too much. Once in awhile adding a little cheese to your eggs is OK, but don't do it every day. Some people are able to lose at a nice pace when they tweak the Medifast foods and/or don't count condiments. Since you seem to be losing at a slower rate (many of us are that way), you really need to be diligent in limiting your condiments to three or less and being strict about your lean and green measurements. You may find that you can't use cheese at allsome of us simply can't process it that well or it's a trigger and we have difficulty limiting it..

Good luck! Stick with the plan, trust the plan, even when you think you know better, and it won't let you down!..

Comment #9

I am one of those who cannot add ANY cheese to my plan or I simply don't lose. Even when I add in ONLY the "recommended" amount and subtract it from my lean, I simply do NOT lose when I add cheese to the plan. So good call on that!..

Comment #10

I have had the same problem...this week 0 loss!!.

I did have a lite string cheese a few days as a snack (25 calories, 0 carb), so I will cut that out. I have had at least 72 oz of water a day..

Thanks for posting this question! I was getting discouraged myself...

Comment #11

Thanks so much for the encouragement! keeps me motivated (unlike my scale) !!..

Comment #12

Thanks for posting this I was feeling too like scale not moving I am in my second weekOn my first week lost 5.4 but scale has not budged sinceThese posts have helped alot and I am going to drink a big glass of water right now ...

Comment #13

Thanks for the advice! bummed because I LOVE cheese...

Comment #14

Just an update! I decided I wasn't going to focus on the scale any longer. I usually sabotage myself if the scale doesn't move over 2 or 3 days. I am happy to report I lost 2 lbs since my complaint on Thurs! Thanks for all the support..

Comment #15

Try not to gover 1000 calories n stick to the 5 n1 meaning 5 Medifast meals n 1 lg nothing extra exept for maybe the tbl spoon peanut butter or pickles but try not to add anything else to the 5-1it works for me n if your still hungry water n more water ad some lemon to your water or some flavor that will get it in. gd luck..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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