Medifast recipe for Vanilla Shake?

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I was wondering if anyone has good suggestions for the vanilla shake? It's not too bad, but could stand a bit of help. I just started 2 days ago and can't imagine drinking the same "meal" for many months without some excitment...

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A couple of things I do with vanilla shakes:.

1) Pre-mix in shaker cup with water. Put about 1 cup ice in blender, add 1 tbsp. instant coffee crystals then add vanilla shake. Tastes like a Frappucino...!.

2) Pre-mix in shaker cup with water. Put about 1 cup ice in blender, add 1 tsp. SF/FF pudding mix ( I like butterscotch, cheesecake, lemon). Tastes like a cake batter shake..!.

Pre-mixing the shake before you blend it makes it creamier...took me 2 months before I found that out! Good Luck!~..

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I add a little Davinci sugar free raspberry syrup..........yum!..

Comment #2

I put in a few drops of Penzey's double-strength vanilla extract and a shake of cinnamon..

Sometimes I mix it with my coffee. That's okay...

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I love the vanilla shake with four drops of NY Cheesecake Capella drops. And I always make my shakes in the blender...

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The vanilla is my favorite also because you can change the taste so easily. One of my favorites is Lemon Dream. I make the shake ahead of time (usually 2 hrs-it's nice & creamy), then throw it in the blender w/ a 1/2 t. crystal lite lemonade and a pkg. of nutrasweet & 1 cup crushed ice. Let it whip up and have this huge cup of heaven.

Just use your imagination & experiment with different lo-cal drink mixes and syrups. Hope this helps!..

Comment #5

I add mine to diet Orange pop or diet Coke - you have to be careful when you mix it, because it tends to "explode"...

Comment #6

Thanks for all of the great ideas - I will definately try some of them next time I get out to the store...

Comment #7

I mix mine with lots of ice, vanilla, carmel and hazelnut de vince syrupsjust a little of each and throw in some flax seed. Yummy..

Comment #8

My favorite is to use really cold water add the shake mix and 4 drops of the Capella cinnamon danish swirl drops and then blending it in the magic bullet. It's yummy!..

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