Medifast recipe for Ureka! Meaty spaghetti sauce!?

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I dont know if anyone has posted about this yet (chances are that they have but I didnt see it) but i'm going to post it incase it hasn't been.

I made the pita on sunday. I pulverized 3 chili packets (thats all I had on hand) and put them into baggies by themselves. I made the pita and didnt really care for it (probably because it was chili) so I was stuck with 2 baggies of powdered chili mix.

So yesterday, I was having my L&G. It was 7 oz of 96% lean ground beef (with a salad) and the meat was just too much. So I saved 2 ozs of it and for my 10pm Medifast meal, I decided to cook the Medifast chili that I'd turned into powder. I added the ground beef during the last minute of cook time because I didnt want to waste the chili but didnt want to eat chili "paste" either. Then I added 2 tbl salsa. It was way too thick so I added some water to smooth it out.

So the basic recipe, if you want to try it is this:.

1 pkg chili, pulverized until it's powder and cooked as directed.

Ground beef (just an ounce or two from your L&G will be plenty).

2 tbl salsa.

Extra water until it's the consistency of sauce.

Oregano to taste.

Remember, if you have this as your L&G with shiritake noodles then you will have to skip one Medifast meal. Whenever I have ground beef for my L&G, I will always have this for my last Medifast meal now. Its very filling on it's own, even if you dont put it over noodles..

Edit: sorry the title is similar to the custard was the first thing to pop into my mind. I'm not a word stealer or a copy-cat, promise!..

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This sounds yummy! I have been looking for ways to "fix" the chili. Aren't we allowed only 5 ounces of cooked ground beef as our lean?..

Comment #1

I had to look it up, if you get 99% lean meat, then you can have 6 oz and 1 fat serving, if you have 80-98% lean, then it is 5 oz and no fat servings...

Comment #2

The new guide says that a 5 oz lean meat serving has more than 9 gms fat per serving. Then they say that a leaner meat serving (such as 99% ground turkey) has 6-9 gms fat per serving. You can have 6 oz of that. Lastly, the leanest meat serving has less than 6 gms fat per serving. You can have 7 oz of that. I bought 96% extra lean ground beef and there are 4.5 gms fat per serving so thats why I count it as a "leanest" option.

I questioned the turkey issue during the chat with the nutrition team the other day. I buy 99% lean ground turkey breast that only has 1.5 gms fat per serving. I asked the team why 99% ground turkey was listed as a "leaner" choice, when my turkey had only 1.5 gms fat. Their response was that they only give a guideline...but many brands have different fat contents. After thinking about it some more, I realized that what they have listed is "ground turkey" OR other meat that is 99% lean. Regular ground turkey has far more fat than ground turkey breast so it makes more sense now.

Its put in the category of "leaner" yet the kind I buy only has 4.5 gms fat per it should fall into the "leanest" category.

Basically, I go by the fat content in the product I am actually using rather than just choosing from a pre-determined chart of "estimates" I could be wrong in my reasoning so please go with what you think it best for portion size. So far, i've stayed right in the middle of the range of my recommended daily caloric and protein intake, although i'm still a little low on my fats and carbs.

I hope someone will correct me if I am understanding the program wrong. I think i'll ask nutrition support just to be sure...

Comment #3

Valley - So your ground beef had 4.5 grams of fat for a 7 oz serving? I guess I'm confused by how 96% lean for one product would have more fat than 96% lean for another product. It is a good question for Nutrition Support though.

Forgot to add, that is 7 oz cooked right ? or was it 4.5 grams of fat for 7 oz raw?..

Comment #4

Eureka again! I wonder if thats it!.

I just posted my question in nutrition support. I assume that Medifast is using the FDA serving size....4 oz of my ground beef according to the FDA is 4.5 grams of fat. So when I read on the medifast chart that any meat under 6 grams per serving of fat is considered a "leanest" choice, I thought they meant that we can eat up to 7 oz of that meat as long as it's under 6 grams of fat (according to the FDA). But maybe they are talking about what they consider a Medifast serving size to be?.

If so then it is a bit confusing...because how can you shop and use the nutrition labels if you have to pull out a calculator and convert the FDA serving size to get the correct fat content of what a medifast serving is every time, ya know?.

I think this is the hidden thing I wasnt getting....I hope nutrition support clarifies it so I can have the proper portions. I dont want to be eating more than I should and those 7 ounces are too much to consume at once!.

Also...the 4.5 weight was for a 4 oz serving...I asusmed it was the raw weight. You get a 16 oz package of ground beef that serves 4 people and you know you can make four 4oz burgers. So it must be raw weight that the FDA is talking about.

Gosh, I hope i'm not making everyone confused. I'm sorry about that...i'm confused myself! I'll correct the recipe once I hear from nutrition support. I would hate to be giving out the wrong recipe to any other newbies and having them think they can eat more than they should.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, ladies...

Comment #5

Valley - I saw your question, thanks for posting that!! I am still trying to figure things out. Also, the 5 oz, 6 oz, 7 oz thing is cooked weight, I asked that question before. So if you were eating 7 oz based on raw weight, then that is probably about 5 oz cooked? I had a lb of 99% lean turkey and it came out to 15 oz cooked.

No matter how you cut it though, it's a lot of meat I'm trying to spread my lean throughout the day so I'm not eating major meat in one sitting...

Comment #6

LOL...I knew I was too much of a detail freak...

Comment #7

Oh, I hear ya! Maybe if enough people get confused, they will need to tweak a few things to make sure that it's patently clear. I figured the veterans would resist the changes but even as a newbie...the information is confusing so it's not just a matter of not wanting to switch from one guideline to another.

And would be nice if they told us the RAW weight to cook in order to get the correct cooked weight. Maybe they will tweak that some day as well...

Comment #8

Oh my, I didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest. The new guidelines seem a bit confusing to me, so I think i'll stick with the old ones. They have been working for me so far...

Comment #9

Good gracious didnt stir up anything! Actually, it's a good question. I would hate to think I might be eating 2 ounces more of meat than I need to be eating. And later on down the line, it might be the thing to hinder my weight loss so it's good to find out for sure. If you hadnt brought it up...i'd be oblivious! So you did me a favor...

Comment #10

Well I've also been wondering because I bought some 99% ground turkey breast and even though I ate that in conjunction with other low fat items, my fat is on the low side and I've been trying to up it...

Comment #11

I was having the same problem last week, Leena. I was going by the old guidelines and my fat was averaging around 6-10 grams a day total. Once I started using the new guidelines (on the last 2 days of my first week) the problem corrected itself because I had to add my 2 fat allotments. I now average 20 gms a day out of the recommended 25-35. I use a tbl flaxseed has a nutty flavor and is very rich and the the brand I use has 10 gms of fat per tbl so it's perfect for optimal gallbladder health.. (plus I was having poopy problems before and the flax got everything working normally again) )..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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