Medifast recipe for The Tomato and Cream of Broccoli Soups?

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I need help. I received a few boxes of these soups and I don't know how to eat them. I detest tomato soup so my first idea was to add melt cheese in it, well of course can't do that, so I am stuck. As far as cream of broc soup, I have never eaten it and have always used it as a gravy. I should also say I am very simply, traditional cook and I don't have or know how to use fancy spices or ingredients, so please help me figure out how to eat these two soups. THANKS!..

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Do a search for bread recipe. They make good "bread"...

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I found the thread down a ways, here is a link to it...

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Tomato soup makes a very yummy pizza bread. Use the search button above and type in "pizza bread" You should find the recipe. If not let me know and I'll repost it...

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Search for "chips" and make them with the tomato soup and spices. Crunchy, yummy, not like soup at all. Kinda like salsa flavored chips...

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The cream of broccoli works well in the tuna patties (search for that recipe too)...

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So does this bread recipes make 2 Medifast meals then?.

I was thinking of having one w/ salmon burger for dinner, but how do I account for this? Is this ok? I'm hoping it tastes good..


Preheat over to 375 and pam spray a baking sheet.

Mix 1 Pkg scrambled eggs with one pkg of cream soup, chicken, broccoli or tomato..

1/2 t. baking powder.

1/4 t. onion powder.

1/4 t. garlic powder.

1 T. ground flax meal.

5 T. water.

(when using tomato soup, I add 1/2 t. basil, optional).

Mix all ingredients together and divide into two rounds on the baking sheet. Use damp fingers to even out the tops. Bake for 5 minutes. Turn oven to low broil and brown the top. Watch VERY CAREFULLY to make sure it doesn't burn, 5 minutes or so...

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I add a bit of "Better Than Bouillion" chicken soup base to the COB...and often some spinach or brocolli from my L&Green..

Better than Bouillion is not as salty as bouillion cubes.

Hope this helps!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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