Medifast recipe for Stevia?

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I have noticed that some people are using Stevia as their sweetener. I had never heard of this product and decided to check it out at a health food store and boy did they have a selection of all kinds: powder, liquid, flavored liquids, etc..

I bought the Stevia Plus packets (I figured they would be the most portable in my purse) and it tastes pretty good with NO aftertaste. The label says that it also contains fiber (4 pkts = the fiber of 1 bowl of cereal) so I think that is probably a good thing too..

For those who use Stevia: Which type do you recommend (powder or liquid)? Does it work well in cooking and baking? Have you tried the flavored liquid Stevia and how was it?.

Actually, I'm looking for any info you care to share. As I mentioned, I had never heard of this product before, but from reading about it online, it seems like a great product. How come it is such a big secret?? Thanks!..

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I use both the powder (packets) and the liquid. I have not tried baking with it. I am not sure if it stabilizes well or not, and I have not seen the flavored kind. I will have to be on the look out for that. I Usually use the measurable splenda for any bakingm and I like the splenda packets in my coffee, but I use the stevia in my tea. Weird I know, but in the coffe I notice a taste difference...

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I wanted to try stevia but I thought it had a lot of carbs...Does anyone know the carb count?..

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I couldn't stand the baked things (muffins, cookies, etc.) until I started using Stevia instead of Splendra. Splendra just left an awful aftertaste in my mouth that overshadowed everything else. I started buying Stevia in the individual packets, and have found that one packet is just as sweet as two Splendra - and no aftertaste when I bake with it. I buy the STEVITA brand spoonable Stevia, in the individual packets. It has 0 calories and 0 carbs. Apparently it can't be advertised as a "sweetener" because it's officially a "dietary suppliment" and the FDA doesn't recognize it as a sweetner. Look in the health food stores, or the herbal suppliment sections of your grocery...

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As far as I knkow it is the only completely natural non-sugar sweetner around. it is made from a plant that only grows in Paraguay (I think). I have used it for over a year and have demanded that several grocery stores carry it. I don't like all the information about splenda and the other artificial sweetners. stevia is the only non-sugar sweetner that I use. when I bake, especially the pancakes, I do not add additional sweetner. I do add the ground flax seed meal and maybe that adds some sweet taste...

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Happiness abounds in the stevia dept! I found 'Dark chocolate' and 'peppermint' stevia. Although the DC is not right on. It does make shakes, and hot drinks have just a little more flavor. I found them at the organic food store...

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I love Stevia... You only use a bit but I only use the powder..

I like the added fiber too..

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I just ordered both the liquid and powder Stevia from It does say that it is heat stable for baking. Can't wait to try this. I too have been very concerned about all the Splenda. I read the SCARIEST thing about it....That it is considered a "chlorocarbon" and therefore pure toxic for your body. I haven't felt good about the Splenda since I read that...although I do love the new Splenda flavored packets for baking and in coffee.

Thanks for starting this thread Sue-Sue...

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This is quite interesting on the carbs. The brand I use is in a green box. It is called Stevia Plus made by Sweet Leaf. They have a chart on the back that lists this info in comparison to other sweeteners..

(All stats below are per packet.

Stevia plus 0 carbs 0 cals 1 g fiber 0 glycemic index all natural.

Splenda 1 carbs 0 cals 0 fiber and 80 glycemic index: chemical.

Equal 1 carb 0 cals 0 fiber 80 glycemic and of course chemical (Equal was originaly manufactured to be an ant killer! They found it to be sweet and decided it would be more profitable as a artificial sweetener!!).

Sweet n Low: 1 carb 0 cals 0 fiber and 80 glycemic, chemical..

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This is the product that I bought (Stevia Plus in the green box). My box also says that the health benefits include:improved gastrointestinal functionsupport for healthy liver functionsupport for healthy immune functionTo my knowledge, other sweeteners improve no functions!.

The directions for use say that "due to the fiber content of Stevia Plus, when adding it to a liquid, stir liquid first, then pour product in and continue to stir.


I can't wait to try it soon (I'm having a shake and salad w/chicken day today)!..

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I use the stevia packets. I bought a box of them at Trader Joe's for about $6 for 200 (i think, maybe 100) packets. I don't use it that often so it lasts a long time. I occasionally use it in oatmeal and I use it baking where the recipe calls for splenda. I don't like splends so I tried this when I heard about it. Don't try to just taste it though....bad idea!..

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