Medifast recipe for Snow cones?

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I bought a snow cone machine 3 years ago, and never even took it out of the box until about a week ago, when it occurred to me that a snow cone made with sugar free syrup would be a great summer treat while on Medifast! It was wonderful, and I've been enjoying a snow cone (or two) nearly every day since then. Many of you have probably already thought of this, but for those who haven't, I'd definitely suggest investing in a snow cone machine for the summer time!..

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Great idea Sandy...! I think my daughter has a Snoopy Sno-Cone maker somewhere around here...I'll have to dig it out and experiment!~..

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What a great idea! I was actually looking at one on the shelves this morning while shopping. How about making a syrup from a Medifast cold drink and using that as your syrup? Then it's a treat that's a meal. Good thinking!..

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You know what else might work for the cold drinks is an ice shaver. Pampered Chef makes the one I have, but I am sure you can get them at many stores. You mix your flavored "juice" and then freeze it solid in the bowls that come with the shaver. When you are ready to eat some, you pop the ice block out of the bowl and plop it into the shaver and then crank until you shave it all up..

I used to do this with pureed strawberries and grapefruit for the summer. No fruit is allowed right now, but using the Medifast cold drinks sounds like a way I can revive this favorite summertime treat...

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Another use for the snow cone maker: if you don't have crushed ice at home and are having trouble making your shakes with chunks of ice, use the snow cone maker to shave the ice, then add your shake mix and water!..

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I was out with my husband and some friends today and they all decided to go the Rita's Water Ice. I had never been there, and I thought to myself "Oh great, another temptation!" after already having had to exercise self-control at a local wine festival all day..

I was happy to see that Rita's had a sugar-free cherry italian ice - it was so yummy! I will definitely use this as a special treat.

Snow cones are a great idea, especially with the warmer weather starting up...

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