Medifast recipe for Scrambled Eggs?

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Medifast is releasing Scrambled Eggs on December 18. Customers will be able to order this product on December 18..

Guess it's really official now. Okay off to the kitchens for all the chefs soon to try to figure this one out...

Comments (36)

No thanks...I'd rather use fresh egg..

Wish it was another 'stew type' entree. Oh well..


Comment #1

Is there an official announcement somewhere? Does it give any product description or ANY info??? I am actually interested in this productI love eggs but don't have them very often as I don't want to give up my L&G for eggs. And if it is a regular-type interchangeable Medifast meal that would be great to have for breakfast sometimes instead of oatmeal..

I do hope Medifast is ready for the barrage of recipes that the MediChefs are going to come up with. Hmm...we got SF syrups and flavor drops for the shakes and other sweet what would we need for eggs???? I wanna know the DETAILS about this new product Medifast so I can start the ole MediMind thinking about MediEggstravaganzas!..

Comment #2

For powdered eggs, I would use LOTS of salsa and a bit of nf/lf cheese..

I am worried that I will consider these a MediMiss and not a MediHit, though, as I have used powdered eggs for camping, etc., before.


Comment #3

Sorry, but I'll be waiting for other guinea pigs to try these first....if I order them at all!..

Comment #4

I think this might be a job for OrangeBlood...I have had the powdered eggs before. I would rather have some eggbeaters. But maybe if we can come up with something juicy like an omelette...Hell, I will put peanut butter flavor drops in them if I have to...

Comment #5

By the way Sue yes I got that information off the Ask the Nutritionist board...

Comment #6

I'm willing to try anything at least once I do like the new beef stew, pudding, choc. bars, etc. and I think the eggs may work well in baked goods. I have been using egg whites as a lean (usually 2 of the 6 allowed) and that enables me to still have other lean items. But, anything that adds flex to the program is worth a shot...

Comment #7

Sounds like a lot of herbs and spices will need to come out for this. Omlettes, country scrambles maybe some use with one of the oatmeals as a cupcake? Hmmm.....



Comment #8



Love the eggs....can't wait to order. Now I have something to put on my celery...

Comment #9

Oh Wow...there's a thought. Some kind of egg salad. Good one Shelley...

Comment #10

We can cook them up and put some ranch dressing or something and some chopped celery and onion. Gross? Hmmmmmmmm. Might work...

Comment #11

Regular eggs and egg beaters count as your lean, so I can learn to like these eggs for breakfast if they count as a regular Medifast meal!! My mother said that the eggs on Nutrisystem (powered) are pretty good. So I am remaining encouraged about this new egg product. We shall see. Nothing a bit of salsa and 1/2 of my veggies can't cure. I will be ordering!..

Comment #12

Steph...My nickname is Queen Bee too. I will try the eggs. Actually there isn't one meal on the Medifast plan that I haven't been able to do something to to make edible and mostly good...

Comment #13

Even though I knew it was coming, can't say that I'm ova-joyed...

Comment #14

Robynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn HOW do you come up with this stuff all day long? Ova-Joyed. LOL LOL LOL..

Comment #15

I'm just your basic egghead, Bettina. But sometimes I come out of my shell...

Comment #16

Robyn, look at you! Less than a lb to your goal!!!!! You go girl!!..

Comment #17

Oh my GOD Robyn.6 left. What up G? That's awesome. Go Robyn, Go Robyn, Go Robyn......

Comment #18

Hey, you guys noticed! Thanks!.

130 is my interim goal. It puts me at the top of the weight chart for my height and in the "healthy" BMI range for 5' tall..

122 is my REAL goal...

Comment #19

Good for you Robyn. Just don't leave us, even when you are skinny minny..

Comment #20

No way!!! I need the support! It's better than my Medibra!.

I'm scared spitless about T&M too...

Comment #21

T & S makes me nervous. I have grown comforted with my little boxes of food neatly arrainged on my shelf and the control (so far) that I have had on this diet. I am hoping I will not face that hungry emotional savage I was before starting Medifast when I go through T & S!..

Comment #22

Oh yes, I loved that song in "A Chorus Line." Da-dum-dum!.

Robyn, you are a hoot!..

Comment #23

Gals, I was thinking about TandM too. I am a long way from there. I am thinking about March or so. But, I am SO used to my routine with the packets. It's going to be strange. I have basically made my kitchen into this crazy Medifast shrine...I wanted to make sure that I had the food around me all the I have HUGE baskets of the Medifast stuff ALL OVER my counters in plain view.

It looks crazy but makes my life easier. What am I going to do when I get my kitchen back? I am so used to this that I think it might always be part of my life somehow...

Comment #24

I'm in the same boat. My kitchen looks like a Medifast commercial. I have glass apothecary jars filled with crackers (that I don't eat incidentally), and my meals which I have broken down by days in sandwich bags, then I have back up jars of bars and puddings and hot cocoa and other drinks in case I want to substitute anything for convenience. It's funny how we've all grown to be comforted by these little packets.

Robyn, since you're closer to T&M than me, I'll be hoping you share what it's like and pass on your words of wisdom!..

Comment #25

I hope everyone one who goes on T & M stays on all the boards and not just the T & M board. I have a long way to go before that stage, however I do worry about it, even now. I have found Medifast to be the most helpful diet I have ever been on in terms of learning the importance of healthy eating. I know I did not get this heavy without having a serious eating issue, but I before I even started Medifast I made some changes in my life to address that issue (had a BIG time attitude adjustment). Mostly I feel very strong and am certain I will be able to handle T & M, but some days I get scaredSo, to all of you heading in that direction soon - PLEASE stay close by with advice and suggestions and we'll stand by to offer support and love!..

Comment #26

Scrambled eggs - yes <ON TOPIC PIXEL BYTE.

My pantry is now just MFland and a few canned veggies. All illegal foods have been moved to the basement pantry. It is odd that I enjoy opening the pantry doors and surveying all my Medifast meals, neatly grouped by type, on the shelves. I do get somewhat panicky if there is a space as in "OH NOonly one more banana pudding left!! Funny, the space where the Minestrone and Chic & Wild Rice Soups are is always full.

I just cannot even imagine being at goal. I really can't as it just seems soooo far away. Perhaps the fact that my losses have slowed down to a crawl doesn't help. I just don't think about being at goal right now as sometimes it just seems like an elusive dream. But I keep plugging along day by day. I try to remember back when I returned to college part-time at the tender age of 35graduation just seemed so far away.

And looking back it did not seem so long at all. AND...however long it takes me I know that I am doing healthy things for my body and I am not gaining even more weight!!!.

The only thing I DO think about T&M wise is that all the people that I got to know during my trek will go away. And that will be both strange and sad and exciting as I will then have to re-join the outside world to get my daily dose of laughs & giggles...

Comment #27

Thought we could stay on some Medifast foods on t&m? I know that I will never be able to totally leave the Medifast foods. have been very obese for over 25 years and at my age there is not much point in changing what works. am slowly losing, but knkow could gain back very quickly. have read that you are supposed to weigh everyday on t&m so that can catch backslides quickly. to me that means stay on some MF. if these eggs are any good, might very well use them every day.

Maybe we should tell our families that we want for Christmas is a new Medifast product or a dedicated recipe thread line.


Comment #28

I really wish they would come up with a baking mix. I have used the low carb product twice and I don't think I will bake without it much anymore because it makes such a difference. But Medifast should really make a plain oatmeal and baking mix. Then I could eat this stuff forever...

Comment #29

Gail I'm with you, I am always going to be doing some MF. I know it will be the only way for me to stay down there once I get to a reasonable weight. My current goal is actually a bit high for my height, so I am hoping to get lower than that but to stay that low I will need to Medifast part of the time. Besides I have actually become quite fond of some things. Like how quick and easy taking meals to school can be, and how quick I can get a between study snack together that actually will keep me satisfied for hours. I love MF!!!!! (I may be going a tad overboard but I am so psyched for having gotten to twoderville, finally!) Peace..

Comment #30

Storage idea: (not an original, I read about it on these boards, but it works great) over-the-door shoe hanger with 20-24 plastic compartments...

Comment #31

That's a great storage idea. Will try that when I am on T&M. I love having all the stuff out on the counters. Really prevents any MediCheating ideas when the stuff is in your face...

Comment #32

I totally agree. But the sad thing is even if they do, it will be after most of us are in T&M or done completely with MF, because I read somewhere that a new Medifast product has 6 months lead time..

Robyn, I use the over the door storage hanger. There are photos in my blog of my setup. It has saved me tons of time, cabinet space and frustration. I couldn't be without it now. It makes re-ordering easy too. Now I need a storage idea for my SF syrups; I'm working on it though...

Comment #33

I use the hanging shoe rack for storage. It's great. Everythings right there and accessible. I have it hanging on the out side of the pantry right now which I don't really like but the convenience outweighs the look...

Comment #34

Gotta see and taste the intended version of it first before I do anything with it. Quiche is clearly an option along with other egg-based traditional stuff..

My first thought is that it might be a viable non-sweet thickening agent..

Wonder if it could be cut with one of the creamy soups and some baking powder to make a better biscuit...

Comment #35

OrangeBlood and all...I posted in another "egg" thread (gosh there are so many now) that my DH and I take freeze dried eggs on our wilderness camping trips and if you add enough other stuff to them..they are tolerable. I do use the brand I buy to thicken other food recipes while camping...the coagulate well. I'll be curious to see if these Medifast eggs are the same kind of thing. love and peace...lynnann..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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