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Hey there! I am combing the internet right now for the best deal on a personal blender. I know several of you have mentioned owning the Magic Bullet and I wanted to get some feedback on it. I also saw a Back to Basics Blender Express and the Express Plus. The btB Express is 350 watts and the Plus is 400 watts. I have not been able to locate a wattage for the Magic Bullet. I am really wanting to get one of these, but not sure which would be best. Any feedback?..

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My husband bought a Magic Bullet a couple of years ago and he loves it. I think it's okay...JUST okay. I never use it because I don't think it has enough power to adequately crush ice. The absolute best blender I've ever used is my Kitchenaid. It crushes ice really fast and it doesn't take any more time to clean than a smaller blender. It's a little bit more money (I think my Kitchenaid was $100), but considering how long it will last, I thought it was worth the cost..

Good luck on finding your blender!.


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I have a Vitamix as well as a Cooks personal blender. I love my Cooks. I love my Vitamix too but it is too big for single servings. I only paid $19.99 on sale for my cooks at JC Penny...

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I also have a Penney's Cooks. It is very similar in size to the Magic Bullet and has all of the accompanying things the Bullet has. I like it. No problem crushing ice for shakes. And the clean up is super easy. I wasn't lucky enough to catch the $19.99 sale.

Good luck finding something you like...

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Thansk for the replies. I just looked at to check out the Cooks blenderlooks VERY promisingthanks for the heads up. I will head out there tomorrow. The BtB has a strong motor, but I only saw it at online locations. Target has it, but not in storemust also be ordered. I thought about the Magic Bullet, which I can find at Wal-Mart, but it runs kinds pricey...

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I was looking through the Kohls as today and the MB was 39.99 after 10.00 mail in rebate- you might want to check it out..

I have the Rocket an other than not being able to open it once, I llove it...

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Yeah, I have a Rocket, too. It does great making dbbthreads ice cream so it gets a thumbs up from me...

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I have to tell you that I use an old fashioned hamilton beach shake maker the kind they use at an old fashioned soda shop. It whips of the shakes and creamyI use 8 oz of water and it makes the shakes taste so rich and creamy...

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Magic Bullet. I love it. I have a vita-mix, but that is way to big. With the bullet I can have the single serve mugs. I got it off of Ebay, plus I ebay'd extra mugs and rings too. I can't wait till DH gets home and then I can really use it to cook for him.


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I'm a vote for the Magic Bullet. Works well. The trick is to use "mini" ice cubes. It's not the most powerful thing out there... but it's rather convienent. The attachments like mugs make it so easy to follow MF.


- SilverStr..

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I use my standard (Hamilton Beach I think) blender. I have an ice dispenser on my frig that dispenses both cubed and crushed ice. I find if I use the crushed ice it works better. I have to blend it for a while but it makes good "shakes". I have read both negative and positive reviews on the Magic Bullet. JCPenney's has one out that is only 29.99 and I saw someone on another board comment on it and said it worked great. It was actually in our sales papers this weekend in our paper...

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Okwell, I the JCPenney by me was actually out of them, but they said they should have more in by the weekend. I use my regular mixer at home, but I was hoping to find something more portable that I can bring to work with me. The shakes are actually pretty good when they are blended, so I want to try to make this process as delicious as possible to keep me motivated. I tried the first shake straight from the package with cold water and a lot of shaking and it was so powdery, I got really discouraged. But thanks to all you fine folks, I have since started making them & then leaving them to set a bit in the fridge. WORLD of difference!! But blending with a little ice really tops them all..

I might have to check into the bullet at Kohl's. Thanks for the suggestion...

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I bought a Magic Bullet at Walgreen's just exactly a week ago. I have used it 1-2 times a day. Tonight it died. Totally. Dead. As a doornail.

It was $60, so I think it should last a little longer. I'm not sure I will get a replacement.but I sure love how it worked.when it worked...

Comment #12

I got my magic bullet off of ebay for about $40... brand new with all the extras. It's worth a look if you can be patient about the delivery...

Comment #13

I got a personal blender from Hamilton Beach...I think it only cost about 13 works for me...but I do have to break up the ice a bit..I like the fact I can take the blender all the way off and drink right out of great for dbthreads ice is small..but it does an ok job..had it for a year now...later Prez..

Comment #14

Has anyone tried to use their "crushed ice" on their fridge ice dispenser in these blenders? Would that help?.

I am considering the MB that is on sale at Kohls...I have $30 in Kohl's bucks to use....I think it may be worth it, and if I used crushed ice in it, maybe that would help on the ice issue? I have a crappy Hamilton Beach full size blender that couldn't crush ice - it was taking me forever to do the ice cream thing, and even then, it was leaving huge chunks in it. Kinda ruins it...

Comment #15

Skinny - I use the crushed ice dispenser (see my previous post) and it really helps. I have a full size Hamilton Beach and it works fine. You just have to use the ice crusher setting at first and then blend it for a while....they turn out great!..

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I got one at Kohl's yesterday. Don't forget to get the $10 rebate form for it too!! I had to hunt in the houseware's department to find the rebate form. Used the MB last night to make "ice cream" recipe from the boards. YUM..

Comment #17

I bought a MB one day and returned it the very next day! In my opinion it is a cheaply made gimmick item! I am the minority because I've seen mostly praise for the MB here and in fact, the posts here prompted me to try it! Net reviews are not as favorable!.

I've used my Hamilton Beach blender for 20 years and if it ever wears out, I'll buy another one at a yard sale! It is a work horse! Mine has been used and used and I mean USED! As in Pitchers upon pitchers upon pitchers of frozen margaritas! (Or as we called them, "Marga-get-down-ritas!" Those were the days - sigh!) I have the big glass pitcher and small chopping containers with lids that seal and the food processor attachment etc. All old as heck and still going strong!.

If you're wanting a single serving blender I saw one at Walmart for $13 and you can drink out of the mixing cup too. If it turns out to be a piece of junk in a month just return it!..

Comment #18

I have a Vitamix, MB and my most recent purchase is a Shake N' Take from Sharper Image. This is great, crushes the ice well and I leave it at work. The canister converts into a water bottle type container with a drinking spout. Only $29.99 and very easy to clean.

I have to admit, I like all 3 of them and use each for different things...

Comment #19

I broke my Rocket after about 3 days (the lid got stuck) and while I'm pretty sure it was mostly my fault, it seemed like a lot of other MF'ers had the same problem. Now I'm a magic bullet convert! Love it!!..

Comment #20

I really love my magic bullet. I have had it since I started MF, about 6 months, and it is so convienient! The only problem I had was when I dropped a mug on the floor, not paying attention one of the little pegs broke off, and when would use that mug the blender didn't work until I wiggled it around a bit to trigger the motor, after I realized that one of the pegs was missing and that was the problem I threw it out. I thought my bullet was taking a crap but it was just an operator error! LOL!!..

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Been using a magic bullet for a long time. Love it!!! I put crushed ice in it first, then the water, Medifast mix, crystal light or etc..


Comment #22

I love my MB but.. ANYONE HAVE THIS PROBLEM.. the plastic gaskets have popped out. One got slight CHOPPED up in the blades and the other one just doesnt seem to want to fit back in properly and sometimes the thing leaks ( maybe I over fill ).

Ice IS a problem but the small size is awesome...

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