Review of Medifast Flavor Drops?

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I was curious if anyone has tried the Capella flavor drops that I have seen advertised on Medifast website..

They look like they could be fun!.

Input anyone??.


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I've placed three orders already (the 2nd two orders I split with my mom). I love them...

Comment #1

Yep, they are wonderful! They really help out the shakes in my opinion...

Comment #2

I just placed an order for some of these. Caution to those who are ordering: Be sure to go to the section that says something about Medifast. There is a link to buy 6 and get 1 free, but you must shop thru that link and it does not appear unless you go thru the Medifast section. I did it both ways and it actually ended up being a couple of bucks cheaper than just buying 6 minis. Maybe I won't get the carrying case or something. Whatever. I would rather have the extra bottle...

Comment #3

YES.....I add the Chocolate Raspberry or Chocolate mint to the chocolate shakes, and have used Pumpkin Pie and Coconut with the Vanilla shakes..

The EGNOGG is divine..especially with the French Vanilla!.

Haven't tried with the pudding yet.......hmmm chocolate mint pudding!.

Wish I could find a product to flavor my WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #4

I wonder why you couldn't use the drops on water?..

Comment #5

I received my order yesterday and tried my first flavor drops shake today. I added NY Cheesecake to a vanilla shake and it was pretty good! I read on these fabulous message boards that, after the flavor drops are added, the product (shake, pudding, etc.) needs to sit for a little bit to allow the flavors to blend. Good tip!..

Comment #6

I haven't been that impressed. It does add flavor, but I am not so sure it is the flavor stated. Perhaps I tried the wrong ones. The PB is a bit weak. The apple pie is better if you also add some cinnamon. Irish cream was good..

Which ones have you all liked?..

Comment #7

I wasn't impressed either. I have tried them over and over again....just would rather use the sf syrups...

Comment #8

I don't love them. I prefer the sugar free syrups...

Comment #9

I am not that impressed either, I think I'll get some syrups to try, thanks for the input, Terry..

Comment #10

IMO tastes differ. I can only taste one flavor "dulce de leche" of the 6 I've tried. Really enjoy that, in my tea especially..

Can smell the aroma of the almond & coconut but not taste them. The chocolate flavors, can't taste them, even using a lot of extra drops. Weird!.

So I'm just using other brands of extracts and flavorings, with Sweet Freeze...

Comment #11

I just ordered some..i'm pretty excited to try them!..

Comment #12

I love the creme brulee with oatmeal as well as vanilla shakes. I also love the marshmellow and use that in the choc shakes. Butterfinger has more of a stronger peanut butter flavor the peanut butter. Hope this helps!..

Comment #13

To flavor your water - go to walmart! Their version of crystal light is a lot cheaper and has no calories. The apple flavor even tastes like real apple juice!.

I bought chocolate peanut butter rather than plain peanut butter and you're right, that one is pretty weak as well. I also found marshmallow to be weak. I had snickerdoodle in a shake last night and you can really taste that flavor.

My mom ordered creme broulee and butterfinger and I tried them before I forked them over - they're both amazing...

Comment #14

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