Please answer anyone who has tried Medifast?

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Quick question... Please answer anyone who has tried Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Any good?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

The chai and capp are WONDERFUL with just a smidgen of English Toffee SF coffee syrup! It's one of the only times I use the SF syrups...but what a treat!..

Comment #2

I like it made as a shake, but not so much as a hot drink. I really don't like how foamy it gets but the taste is really good...

Comment #3

Yep I drank the capp everyday this week...rather delish!..

Comment #4

I really enjoy the Chai Tea made per the directions. The advice mentioned above is spot HAVE add the cold water slowly and get a nice smooth paste before you add the rest to avoid the nasty lumps. With practice, I have learned to make the perfect cup of Chai Tea. I really enjoy it in the afternoon. Hmmm, never thought about adding SF English Toffee syrup...that does sound yummy...

Comment #5

I tries the cappuccino and it was so awful that I couldn't drink it. I don't even want to try it again no matter what I pit in it...

Comment #6

The capp was horrible for me and has been along with the hot coco. I cannot get the chunks to dissolve at all... I like the taste, but the chunks make me gag...

Comment #7

I agree with the above posters that you have to mix the hot cocoa and cappucino powder with a bit of cold water first to make a thick paste. Stir it well until it is smooth and then add the boiling/hot water..

I'm gonna order some chai next time, I think. I've only tried chai tea once before and I wasn't overwhelmed, but maybe I'll like this better...

Comment #8

I've tried this in the past and it just made it lumpier. I pour hot water into a cup, pour on the packet and whisk like crazy with a mini whisk. Works every time...

Comment #9

I heard horror stories and thought it was going to be awful but I LOVE it. it's nice to have a hot cup of something during the day - especially when your hands and feet are cold...

Comment #10

I'd rather drink toilet water out of my dog's bowl than ingest a chai latte..

Just my opinion...

Comment #11

I liked the flavor of the chai, but it is just too sweet... I think I might try making it with coffee instead of water. Haven't tried the Capp yet though.....

Comment #12

I bought a tiny wisk and use it to put the hot chocolate into my hot coffee, it works very well...

Comment #13

You my friend are on a roll - lol. cracking me up!..

Comment #14

Hi and yeah, weekend is here!!! I love the Cappiccino but haven't like chai tea so I won't be ordering it...ever. I mix my cappiccino powder in a cup with a small amount of cold water while boiling the 1 full cup of water in the microwave. There are no lumps and I love the fat burner cappiccino.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Its very cold and windy here in San Diego..

Comment #15

Zoey- Your dog puts his toilet water in a bowl? How civilized. Twist of lemon?.

I don't make a paste of the chai, add a little more water than that and get the lumps out. The add hot water. I don't microwave it though, as I think that makes it foamier. We have one of those hot water dispensers at work which makes it the perfect temp. I like it, tastes like "liquid pumpkin pie" to me..

The cappucino makes my taste buds threaten to take their own life if I continue to drink it so I don't. THAT is definitely a candidate for the "dog's bowl Menu"....


Comment #16

I Don't like the cappucino or the cocoa. I've tried them hot and as cold shakes. They both have a nasty after taste...

Comment #17

I'm kind of a chai snob, so I still have 2 packets of it left for my "if this is the last thing I have to eat I guess I'll eat it" pile.


Comment #18

As long as you realize that the Capp and Chai and powders and are NOT going to taste like fancy REAL drinks you'll be ok. They remind me more of gas station Capp and Chai from the machines..


Comment #19

I guess I'm uncivilized because I LOVE the Chai latte! I had it for the first time today and it was wonderful. I think it's the item that most tastes like "real food" that I've tried yet! (2 1/2 weeks in)..

Comment #20

Oh manthat chai latte. I tried it the first time cold, and I was thinking it was one of my faves. Sorta reminded me of a pumpkin shake. The next morning I heated one per the directions and, to me, it took on the most bizarre tasteit was like it mutated in the microwave. So, I think I'll stick to drinking them iced...

Comment #21

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