Medifast recipe for Pita bread (with pics)?

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Very nice. Cutting the eggs with a creamy soup makes a big difference, but you need to account for the saltiness of the soup. I added no salt to this recipie...

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Just so you know.... you rock. Yep that's it. You rock!.

Tell your loving wife that we are so grateful that she shares you with us! You have been an inspiration to MANY!!.

God bless!!..

Comment #1

Where is the recipe for these? They look great. I love sandwiches and this could do it..

Recipe please?..

Comment #2

I'm trying this, what a great way to use the cream of chickhen soup since I don't care for it all that much & I do like the eggs & stuffed pita's. Thanks so much!..

Comment #3

Looks so good I wonder if I can get mine to look like this....

Comment #4


Looks wonderful. Thanks for experimenting and thanks for sharing..


Comment #5

Link to this specific recipie is right below the pic...

Comment #6

I couldn't help myself. This morning I had an unconventional breakfast. I had one of the pitas last night with just some spray on butter. This morning, I had the other one (the one you see with the pocket created) and stuffed it with 1 oz sliced turkey and 1 oz shredded FF cheddar after having put on some Maille horseradish mustard. If I had more time, I would have done up the lettuce, tomato and sliced onion...but mornings are always a rush..

IT WAS WONDERFUL! Quite satisfying in terms of texture and substance (i.e. it actually fills your belly and sticks with you for a while) as well as flavor..

And I still have 5 oz of lean to use tonight for dinner (which will be something with chicken)...

Comment #7

That looks so totally good. Can't wait to try it (of course I will need to order those crackers).

Do you think that you could form 2 smaller ones rather than the one large one?.

Forget this blog of the week stuff, they should have a recipe of the would win hands down for this one....MF rock!..

Comment #8

You could form 2 separate ones, if you like, or do whatever you want! My original aim was to cut it into a bunch of triangles and top it with bruschetta, salsa or watever. Or perhaps dip it into some WF dips. When I saw how it came out, however, it looked like a pita to me..

If you're looking to make a pita sandwich with it, though, remember that you're going to want to cut that pocket into it, so having one big one that you cut into two halves is kinda conducive to that (where you split the thing in half leaves the perfect point at which to make the pocket)..

Making two separate ones makes for a wrap kind of thing, I guess. Just remember, this is two meals and a snack, not just one meal that you make two bread like slices for a regular sandwich out of...

Comment #9

Oh me Oh my...I made it!! I made mine with the chili pulverized in the Magic Bullet added cumin as my herb..I sliced it all the way in half..I am considering wat to do with it as it looks so much like bread that it brings tears to my bread starved eyes!!! Perhaps fat free cream cheese with chopped jalapeno peppers and pickled peppers!!!..

Comment #10

Gotta try this one with my egg substitute powder. OB, YOU ROCK!!! need to update your avitar with your new skinny photo! You're not that big guy anymore!!..

Comment #11

You picked a peck of pickled peppers to put pizazz on the pita?.

Nice to have bread, isn't it? A whole bunch of stuff comes to mind to try. So much so, that I've no clue how I'm going to try it all.....

Wraps (need to make it ultra thin and probably skip the baking powder).



Grilled cheese sandwich.


Soft shell tacos.

Quesadillas (again, really thin and skip the baking powder).

White bread for sandwiches.

Bagels with fat free cream cheese.

Pretzels (Auntie Annie's better watch out).

Calzones (it'd be wonderful to bring one into work for lunch).

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. But, hey, if you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!..

Comment #12

I've seen other photos of me pre-MF that are much less flattering than that one. One, in particular, has me looking like a beach ball. Absolutely horrible..

Actually, I don't even have avatars show up (I turned them off in the control panel). So, I didn't even notice that it was coming up...

Comment #13

I am thinking of all the delicious ways to use them already. I only ordered 3 boxes!! I may need to reorder more!! I want a quesadilla and that is what I have decided on for lunch with half of my chili pita...I am soooooooooooo happy. I think a wrap for dinner is on the menu too!!! I'm so Happy So darn Happy!!!..

Comment #14

Looks like a great one, OrangeBlood. I've got tons of ideas for baking with the eggs too, but like you said ... not enough time. Can't wait to see what else everyone comes up with. I believe we all predicted that if the new product was powdered eggs, there were tons of potential uses for it in recipes ... oh boy!..

Comment #15

I did it up again and stuffed it with tuna fish, spinach, tomatoes and onions! Yummie!..

Comment #16

OB, I don't have the crackers.

Think 2 TBSP of ground flaxseed meal will work?.

I got to make this!.


Comment #17

Dunno, BT. I bought flax seed, but haven't tried it yet. Give it a shot and let us know how it comes out..

Heck, we might even be able to get away with using no crackers or flax at all. I haven't tried that yet. It'd cut 70 calories out of it right there! Or, you could have a side of cheddar crisps with your meal!..

Comment #18

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too!.

Will make two batches, with and without the flax and let ya'll know tomorrow..

We're snowed in here in Texas and they've cancelled school and the whole town is shut down!.

LOL You gotta love it when us Southeners get snow!..

Comment #19

You are a cooking genius!!!! You have me hungry for pita bread now-lol...

Comment #20

I made it tonight without the crackers... came out great! I cut the water to 4 TBS. It came out beautifully and I barely had to slice the pocket, it almost popped open by itself! Incredible!.

Tomorrow I'm stuffing mine with lettuce and salmon salad..

OB, you are a genius! More portable, tasty food for my road trip next month! Yay!!!!.

I guess without the olive oil, garlic, pepper, etc. someone could even make a PBJ sandwich with Walden Farms fruit spread...

Comment #21

Okay I just had my evening meal (I work a late shift)... had the pita with low-fat cheddar cheese in it, toasted in my toaster oven.... grilled cheese sandwich!.


Comment #22

So which soup makes the bread taste best? I hated the broccoli, so I never ordered the chicken.....

Comment #23

I currently only have the cream of broccoli in my pantry, so that's what I used. I ordered some cream of chicken (and more eggs) and will try the various things when I can..

Nancilynn used the chili and it came out well. So, that's another option. I see no reason that the other savory (beef stew, chicken noodle, etc) products couldn't be long as it's all ground into a powder, it should be fine..

Try different things and let the rest of the Medifast world know the results!..

Comment #24

I used the chicken soup and because I left out the crackers, I didn't need to grind it. Just mixed it all in a bowl.

As I said, it came out great and I wrapped the extra half in saran wrap for today's lunch. It seems to keep just fine, no change in texture or anything. I have a weekend guest coming and I don't want to cook while she's here, so I'll be making some ahead and will let you all know how it holds up over a few days.

And I'll be making some garlic-butter flavored ones for tonight...mmmm..

Orange, I'll say it again, you're a genius! Or a saint, I don't know which LOL.....

Comment #25

I've put it in the fridge and had it the next morning. I'd be very interested to hear how they hold up over the course of a few days!.

No one who knows me would ever attribute the word "saint" to me...

Comment #26

Hey, we only see your good side here...

Well, I couldn't wait and made the garlic-butter version to take to work. DANG it's good! Used butter extract, a tsp. real minced garlic in the mix and put parsley flakes and butter spray on the outside. Looked like focaccia when it was done. And the taste... soooo good.

Cut in triangles with a litle low-fat goat cheese stuffed inside and a toothpick holding it together, I would actually serve this at a party!..

Comment #27

O MI G*D!!! This is pure genius! I did not have any Medifast eggs, but was dying to try it, so this is what I did..

* 1/2 cup Morningstar Farms Scramblers (egg subst. which I find in the frozen foods section near the breakfast foods, but probably another low fat egg sub would do).

* 1 pkg Medifast cream of broccoli soup (or cream of chicken).

* 1 Scandinavian bran crispbread cracker (from the health food store), ground.

* 1/4 tspn baking powder.

* 1 tsp Italian seasoning.

* NO water (don't need it with liquid eggs).

* Didn't use pepper or basil, since they're in the Seasoning I used.

* Olivio butter-flavored spray, 5 pumps.

Line a baking pan with Reynolds Release Foil and preheat oven to to 375..

Put the Medifast pkgs, seasoning and baking powder in a bowl. Grind the bran cracker and add. Add water and mix together thoroughly..

Spread on baking pan (I used a silicone spatula) until 1/4 inch thick. Bake at 375 for 5 minutes, pull it out and spray with the Olivio spray. Turn heat up to broil and put back in oven for a couple of minutes and keep an eye on it. Once the top turns golden brown, it's done..

Pretty much Orangebood's orig. recipe except for the use of a liquid egg product. Phenomenal stuff. I will never make broccoli "crackers" again..

According to, exclusive of the seasoning and baking power, the nutrition for the entire recipe is:.

Total: 186 cals, 2 g fat, 17 g carb, 28 g protein.

So one-half of the bread = 93 cals, 1 g fat, 8.5 g carb, 14 g protein.

This absolutely fits within Medifast meal guidelines EXCEPT you are not getting the vits. and mins. Medifast puts into their egg product...

Comment #28

OK, I submitted too soon. Make sure the egg subs. are thawed. Where I typed add the water, I meant add the EGGS. Sorry...

Comment #29

OrangeBlood and anyone else who's curious I put a two of the garlic versions of this in the fridge for two days in a plastic bag and they have stayed fresh and just fine! I just popped 'em in the toaster oven to warm and they're good as new...

Comment #30

OMG!! I am SO drooling right now! I can't wait to try this recipe! Thanks for giving us bread again! :-)..

Comment #31

Gatita - Awesome! I'm going to do up a large batch this weekend and stick it in the fridge so I can have them during the week..

I just tried to make banana bread out of this recipie and it didn't quite come out as I'd liked. Used banana pudding with the eggs and added vanilla, banana and almond extracts. It was salvagable with some WF rasberry spread as a sweet bread kind of thing..

One thing I learned from the endeavour...use 1 full tspn of baking powder and don't spread the mixture out as much (let it be a loaf rather than a sheet) and you can get some nice texture and size. Had to keep an eye on it and fidget with the temperature back and forth...ended up cooking for 5 minutes at 300, 5 at 375 and another 5 at 300 while covered with foil). Texture was great and moist..

I don't know if the fact that I used pudding was the key to achieve the texture or not, I'll try the extra baking powder method with chicken soup tomorrow...

Comment #32

Wow Orange Blood,.

Do you give catering classes?? Your recipe blog is sooo good! Thank you for creating and compliing and photographing...

Comment #33

I am using my other half I made with the oatmeal to make french toast in the morning!!!!! I can't wait!!!..

Comment #34

That pita bread looks fabulous! I am wondering if anyone has tried using it as a pizza crust? In the (fat) past, I always used pita bread or foccacio as the pizza crust and loaded on all sorts of mushrooms, green peppers, and browned ground beef. I can just imagine a super veggie pizza made with home-made pizza sauce and mozzarella. Yum, just thinking about it..

When my cracker order comes in, I will definitely give it a try!.

Thanks for being such an imaginative and resourceful chef!.


Comment #35

I've stopped using the crackers and found that it comes out just fine. That's 70 calories saved and leaves you with a snack that day..

Yes, I've used the pita for pizza and it works very well. I've even made the equivalent of a Hot Pocket by lining the pita with WF marinara and some FF mozzarella cheese and pack it up to go. Just gotta toast it when you're ready to eat!..

Comment #36

Orangeblood ROCKS!!.

This was just the thing to take care of my hankering for a Subway sandwich!! I put a little honey mustard and low fat, low sodium thin turkey deli meat on it and WOW it was tasty! I didn't even miss the cheese - YAY..

Comment #37

I'm having one tonight stuffed with sauteed mushrooms, wilted greens and chipotle mustard. Yes!..

Comment #38

The french toast from the horizontally sliced pita turned out fabulous!!!!!!.

Dipped in eggbeaters and cooked in Pam in skillet!!..

Comment #39

It should be illegal for this thread to fall to page 3..

I made a pita last night with cream of chicken. Awesomeness...

Comment #40

French toast, what an awesome idea! I just love all the bread things I have been making, in fact I still haven't tried the eggs straight up yet, and I love eggs. I need to order more. I wish they would go on sale I would buy up a bunch! And Orangeblood I just downloaded the survival guide, thank you soooo much for putting this together. It is so nice to have all these great recipes together. You are a prince, tell your wife thanks for sharing you a bit with us!..

Comment #41

Nancilynn, You inspired me to try making this with oatmeal for french toast!! I LOVE this the way Orangeblood originally posted, and there are so many great ideas on this thread but the French toast idea = brilliant! Add in some cinnamon - mmmmm.....

Comment #42

Just got back from the gym. Was ravenous, so I had a whole pita. Took 1 cream of broccoli, 1 egg, 1/2tsp baking powder, 1tsp cumin, 1tsp penzey's medium chili powder. When done and cooled, I split in half, laid on about 1/4 cup of rf mexican cheese, 1tbsp emeril's medium salsa, and toasted it in a pan sprayed with some canola spray. Hit the spot!..

Comment #43

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am always looking for "normal-looking" meals that I can have the two days per week when I have a meeting during lunch...

Comment #44

Using OB's original recipe (except for the crackers), I made the pita bread today and it looks and smells unbelievably good! I'll be topping it with a Medifast friendly chicken salad, LF cheese, tomatoes and baby romaine leaves with a touch of hot sauce. TWICE!.

Don't let the picture fool you, this thing is about 8 inches on each side and puffed up to an inch or so tall in the darker spots..

Tomorrow I'm going to go for it with the cream of tomato soup...

Comment #45

I tried it with the cream of tomato soup.....awesome! I could eat this every day!..

Comment #46

When I use it with the c.o.tomato, I put it in the bottom of a pie pan and use it as a pizza crust. It's deee-lish!..

Comment #47

I made it with cream of chicken this morning, 1tsp baking powder, Medifast eggs and 2 tsp of Molly McCheese. OMG. I am having 1/2 of it with a Boca Chicken patty and Walden Farms Honey Dijon dressing right now as we speak!!.

I love Medifast eggs. They intended us to eat them but they are soooo much better for baking...

Comment #48

I have No Clue how to cook with Medifast food.. When I read these threads, my ADD kicks in and I get overwhelmed. I so badly want to be in Orangebloods Cooking School. By the way, I did not know you could break up your lean and grean throughout the day. I once asked Nutrisystem if I could cut my bar into tiny pieces to graze on during stressful times in the day and they said no, ypou have to eat it in one sitting. My main concern now is being able to RIG this food into creative meals. HELP!!!..

Comment #49

This is a wonderful recipe, I made it for the first time today out of Tomatoe Soup. It came out just like the picture, I didnt put the crackers in like OB suggested. Better than actual Pita bread actually..... I put chicken salad in it, made with white chunk chicken ,1 ounce and fat free mayo, and no sugar relish, just a teaspoon full. Aleaf of lettuce and a small large grape tomatoe sliced.. It was very good, I added basil in with the other spices and mixed it all together. I will be having this alot, with so many possibilities....Thank you so much Orangeblood!!!!You are awesome............Gratefully yours, Candis..

Comment #50

I have discovered I can make this with any of the cream soups, but I add Two teaspoons of Just Whites instead of the medifast eggs. So I can eat the whole thing. I do it just like OB says to, without the crackers. And it comes out puffy and beautiful. Sometimes I am just hungry. I want all of it.

Thanks again OB!!!!..

Comment #51

Thanks so much for sharing this. I just rec'd my food this morning and my hubby is to receive his tomorrow. He loves to cook! So I am sure we will try this one...

Comment #52

I thought I would bump this up as someone was looking for orangebloods stuff.

Good stuff in here, maynard...

Comment #53

Quick question.....

If you don't use the crackers, do you still need to grind the soups? I don't have a grinder so I was just checking..

I do have a Cuisanrt food processor...could that work as a sub?.

Thanks for any feedback!..

Comment #54

This is hands down, the BEST Medifast recipe EVER! It is so easy and so good!!! If you are missing bread please make this!!.

Does anyone know if we can freeze these? I would like to make several at a time!!!! Thanks..

Comment #55

I stopped using the crackers after just a couple of times and it still comes out great..

Haven't tried freezing them, but I've refrigerated them for upwards of 3 days. When I do that, though, I wrap them in a paper towel to ensure they stay dry. If you don't, the outside starts to get damp and sticky...

Comment #56

Do my eyes deceive me? Could it really be OB? Welcome back! Missed you!..

Comment #57

Yup, the authentic Geeky, Cookin' Fool.

Kinda lost my groove for quite a while there. Trying to hop back on track. Dunno how successful I'll be at it, though...

Comment #58


You are a HUGE inspiration to so many of us. We are all here for you Darlin'. Let us know what we can do to get ya back on track..

I have been on and off for so long. I just recently recommitted and am now 30+ down. If I can do it ANYONE can... and you have already lost 75... OMGosh!!! I am in awe and pray you find your groove again brother!..

Comment #59

So glad you're back! You'll be back on track in no time. Do me a favor and whip up a nice, easy PB2 recipe, will ya? Not that I'm beneath eating the powder directly from the jar.....

Comment #60

Welcome back OB...your are AWESOME!! Your recipes have kept so many of us inspired and on track. You are already down 75 lbs. and that's a wonderful thing! Keep up the great work...we are here for you too!!..

Comment #61

Welcome back!!!.

Made your pita bread yesterday. Made 2 servings out of it and had a chicken sandwich for lunch and one for dinner. I drizzled a bit of WF onion dressing and some lettuce on it. MMmmmm yummy!!..

Comment #62

I've got to try this! I am missing my bread. How do you account for all this in the plan 5&1 meal wise?..

Comment #63

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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