Medifast recipe for Orangeblood-Recipe??

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Orangeblood - I am trying to get to your blog & can't. I am wanting your fudge recipe mentioned on here! Peanut butter fudge? Can you post it? Thanks!!!!..

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I can't figure out to get to it either. He has a couple of recipes I want to try...

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Here it is, it looked good so I saved it! I hope he's ok, I know he had kidneystones (ouch!) I have more of his recipes as well. He's got great ideas..

Peanut Butter Fudge.

1 package chocolate Pudding.

1 package Hot Cocoa.

4* tablespoons Chunky Peanut Butter [OB used two tblspns].

1 tablespoon vanilla extract.

2 tablespoons SF Chocolate Syrup (Davinci).

1/3 C non fat milk [OB used 1 tblspn peanut butter syrup, the rest of that 1/3 cup was the milk].

[OB added 2 pkts Splenda].

Mix all together until well blended....then heat over LOW heat until peanut butter melts. (Mixture will be very very thick/doughy).

I used a 8" x 6" square pan.....sprayed it with Pam. Put the mixture in square pan and spread/level out evenly. [OB used a mini-torte pan].

Place in fridge for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

I count 3 pieces as 1 meal PLUS your snack (for the Peanut Butter). [OB had 3 mini-tortes from this recipie, which yields 1 1/2 mini-tortes per Medifast meal. That's one Medifast meal and on tblspn PB as a snack along with some skim milk].

[Stats on OB's variant: 220 calories a nd 22 carbs per serving (one serving is what is shown in the picture). The recipie makes two servings.]..

Comment #2

This is the only one I could find... Hope it helps!..

Comment #3

Mine was based on VOWL's recipie, but modified slightly to fit my pantry at the time and to make it fit into the program a bit easier for me (2 tbspn PB rather than 4)..

Be warned, it's incredibly good. It's vexing..

I've forbidden myself from making it again. I don't trust myself...

Comment #4

Orangeblood I hope your okay!!!.

Did anyone GAIN on this recipe?? It looks so good!!! maybe addictive!! Well at least we could have it over the holidays when the others are having cake & pie??!!!!!!.

What about the milk? Is that the only bad thing? What if you used Hood's Low Carb?.

THANKS for posting it.

How do you get to his blog? What do you put in under search when you go to blogs? I tried Orangeblood, Orangeblood fudge, etc... Thanks...

Comment #5

My blog: .

My photos (where the recipies are):.

Comment #6

Oh, and yea, I'm okay. Head cold, upper respiratory infection and kidney stones...but I'm still kickin!.

Currently not in pain, but anticipate I will be whenever the stones decide to exit me completely (I think they're currently in my bladder as I've not expelled them, but I don't have pain...which I had when it was in my ureter)..

I've got percocet for when the pain kicks in, promethizine and a z-pak antibiotic for the chest and Zicam for the sinues..

The percocet and promethizine, when combined, render me pretty useless. It does, though, make Barney and Elmo much more watchable and my daughter and I can have a blast!..

Comment #7

Wow, Orangeblood. I didn't realize you were ill. Sorry to hear that. I've been AFK a good bit in the last week trying to catch up on work projects. I hope your feeling better soon! It tickles me to see you keeping a positive attitude with a twist of humor despite the pain you must be in. Take care.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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