On Vacation - Didn't bring enough Medifast?

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I'm on a short vacation with my wife up in Lake Tahoe and for some reason, I packed one less day of Medifast I needed.

My wife brought some Quaker Instant Oatmeal that I can eat for breakfast.

That seems pretty close to the Medifast Oatmeal, but a more calories.

Does anyone have any suggestions for replacement meals. I only need a few until I go home Sunday night.



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If it was me.....I would just make low carb choices for those few eggs, etc..but if you do want to stick to Medifast like foods there are a few low carb bars out there, maybe something like pure protein or something........slim fast.....? Sounds like you are going to stay somewhere as close to plan as you can...I wish you luck.....but as I said..if it was me, I would just eat low carb for the day. Good luck to you..... :-)..

Comment #1

I think I read somewhere that the Slimfast low-carb shakes are a substitute for an Medifast shake. Not something you would want to do very often, but in a pinch it might work. Most drug stores will likely have a diet section with Atkins and other brands of diet bars & shakes - you just have to watch the labels because most of them will be a lot higher than the Medifast bars & shakes which are 90-160 calories. It seems to me that a brand called EAS has some good shakes - lower in calories than some of the others...

Comment #2

No problem. I would get up, drink coffee, water or whatever....

Then eat your lean and green. Or just have 2 small lean and greens.....

And don't forget your approved snacks. When you get home, have a Medifast meal or two before you go to bed..

And it is not a perfect day, but good enough. I have done this before....and it was ok- not too bad...

Comment #3

Just watch your protien, fat and carb level of each small meal. Try some deli turkey with a glass of red wine. for afternoon snack or 5th meal. Works great for me...

Comment #4

I would just keep it low carb, low, fat and low calories. I would however skip the red wine-lol it is a real ketosis killer...

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