Need some ideas with Medifast Diet spinach?

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I can't find what I am looking for through search.

I have a bag of fresh spinach it was on sale =p.

What can I do with it?.

I am not very found of wilted spinach is there anything else?..

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Make an Eggbeater frittata with spinach and any other veggies you like. It tastes good in tiny pieces in the frittata!..

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Thanks. wow your fast. I didn't expect anyone to post so quickly. <3..

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You could add it in a salad or an omelet. It is good baked in the scrambled eggs with a little cheese to make a little quiche. Go online and do a quick recipe search for dishes with fresh spinach, there is sure to be something that you can adapt to be Medifast friendly. Good luck and let us know what you come up with...

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I love to put all kinds of veggies in the soups and chili. Finely chopped spinach leaves, little chunks of zucchini, a bit of diced onion, and some chopped mushrooms seems like it nearly doubles the portion.and they don't add many calories at all. I also have been using some spices I have had sitting in the cupboard for waaaay too long.

The spinach and other veggies really add "substance" to the Medifast soup/chili meals...

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I really like fresh spinach as a salad. I just use it in place of lettuce with a bit of onion and some mushrooms if I have them..


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Do you like creamed spinach? If so, you could add some laughing cow light (counts toward lean), some garlic & onion powder and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese (you could leave that out)...

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Hmmm creamed spinach is my fav.....thanks for the recipe...I hadnt figured out yet how to be able to eat it......


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I agree, this is one of my favorite recipes. I've made it several times since she posted it. It's is really great because it is easy, quick and tastes yummy...

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I heat a little olive oil (or olive oil pam) in a skillet. Then brown a tsp or 2 of wet garlic. When it is just brown, Add the clean, dry raw spinach and saute' until bright green. This is a recipe from a Vincent Price cook book I have. It is from a famous restaurant in Europe. I also use this recipe for cooking fresh collard greens. Garnish with a few turns from the pepper grinder...

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Mix together (or layer):.

2 cups of baby spinach (or any type).

1/2 cup of mushrooms.

1 tsp of bacon bits (the ones we buy are made w/soy and ) <8cals/0 fat/0 carbs>.

1 tsp of eggbeaters - micro for 20 sec & then chop up <2.5 cal/0 fat/0.1 g carbs>.

Dressing -.

BEAT together:.

ONE TB of water with.

ONE TSP of Dijon Mustard <6.4 cals/0.4 g fat/0.5 g carbs>.

Add a drop of lemon extract and a pinch or two of Splenda (to taste). Beat well and pour over salad. YUM!!!.

Counts as one meal's Green, with an added 17 cals/0.4 g fat/0.6 g carbs with egg. Without egg: 14.4 cals/0.4 g fat/0.5 g carbs...

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OH! This looks goooood!.

Thanks for the recipe!.

I love my spinach and swear by it for great weight loss!!!!..

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I love spinach salad with tomatos and Newmans Sesame Ginger dressing...yummy...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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