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Hi everyone! I have a dilema. We are having a block party on Memorial Day weekend and of course because we live in the culdesac next to the HOA President DH volunteered to help cook. Well, everyone has to bring a dish and of course I KNOW there will be lots of potato salads, deserts, etc. I would love to bring somehting healthy that I could eat. I'm thinking either a large salad of some type or a recipe for the BBQ grill (chicken or steak maybe). I'm looking for any ideas! I'm not the world's best cook but we were "volunteered" and I want to do my best to stay on plan and use the cookout as my L&G time! Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!.


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Hey of my favorite summertime salads is easy to make, festive and we can eat it too (just portion the mozarella & olives)!.

Cherry tomatoes (3 pkgs for a large salad).

Black olives (3 cans).

Mozarella sticks cut in bite-sized pieces (7-8 for large salad).

Dressing (I use Bernstein's Cheese Fantastico but any oil-based dressing will do).

Mix it all together and serve cold...looks great for the 4th too (red, white and blueish)!~..

Comment #1

Thanks Natalie that sounds yummy! Where do you find the salad dressing? Do you know that there are actually bite sized mozarella sticks now in the grocery stores? I found one the other day I think they were "Scooby snacks". I also found some low fat mozarella shredded cheese. I didn't realize we could have black olives they are my FAV! BTW...can we have avocado?.


Comment #2

Thanks Michelle! Sounds good...hmmm kabobs sound like a good idea too! I thought we couldn't have carrots or onions though?.


Comment #3

A pre-medifast favorite, you mean? We can't have carrots, walnuts, or more than 1 tbsp of onion on plan...

Comment #4

You can have olives as a veggie, no avocado though...

Comment #5

From one cul de sac dweller to another, I can offer you a suggestion. I make a very good (in my opinion and DH's) chicken salad that even DH doesn't realize is Medifast legal..

Boil boneless, skinless chicken breasts (other parts like thighs work, too) until just done. Don't overcook or meat will be dry. Cool chicken. Then shred either by hand or in a processor. Add any chopped or finely diced veggies you like such as celery, green or red peppers and maybe a bit of diced onion (remember only a little because Nutrition Support has nixed any meaningful amount of onion due to high carbs.).

Season with what you like. I use Janes Crazy Salt, some italian seasoning and a bit of ground black pepper. Then dress it with the following: just enough Walden Farms Honey Dijon salad dressing to get it to all stick together. Then add 2 TBSP of South Beach Diet ranch dressing or Wishbone Just 2 Good ranch..

I guarantee you that absolutely NO ONE will think this is diet food. If I can pass this off to my hubby as non-diet, then it will pass anyone's tastebuds. I think it is such a treat to have this, and it's all legal.

Remember, we can have 7 oz. of cooked chicken breast. Seven ounces is A LOT of chicken salad. On days I have this, I divide it up and have some at lunch and some at dinner. I am more than satisfied....

Hope you might try this even if you don't make it for the block party..

We love cul de sacs so much that we just moved from one to another one. Cul de sac neighbors are the bestmost of the time!..

Comment #6

Thanks Barbara - that sounds delish!!! Where do you get the Walden Farms dressing? I have the South Beach but never saw the Wishbone either. I will have to check it out. I LOVE our cul de sac. We are such good friends with all our neighbors there and in fact at Thanksgiving we alternate where we go to dinner. While I was deployed to Iraq this past year the whole cul de sac "adopted" my hubby and he would alternate having dinner at their houses! LOL They were so nice to him and always checked in on him too. I take it you are from OH? I'm originally from WI but in the military and living in Northern Virginia right now.


Comment #7

Thank you Gale for your service to our country!.

I find the Walden Farms dressings (which are sugar/fat/carb free) in the veggie section at the supermarket. It is usually near the lettuce and is always in a refrigerated cabinet. You can also get it online, but it's cheaper to buy in the store due to shipping costs..

It's getting very hard to find South Beach salad dressings in my neck of the woods. Wishbone Just 2 Good is excellent and comparable in cals & carbs to South Beach..

By the way, I love Wisconsin. All my relatives are thereWaukesha, Oconomowoc and Milwaukee. My daughter got transferred to Milwaukee last year. Love that state. And yes, I am in Ohio, about 35 miles southeast of Cleveland. Wish I could move to WI and find a nice cul de sac......

Comment #8

Barbara - thanks! I will have to check out the stores! We have a ton of South Beach stuff here. I actually did really well on SB (lost 17 pounds in one week!) then found when I went back on the second time I didn't lose as much. I lost 32 pounds on it and kept 20 off. Wow - my family is in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Waterford!!! I love WI especially in the summer and there is so much to do there. Winters pretty much suck though LOL. My older sis lives in Miamisburg, OH near Dayton.

Thanks for the thank-you too.....we really appreciate those who support the are why we do what we means more than you know. Keep in touch!.


Comment #9

No need to send me a thank you....I should be thanking you, Gale, and everyone else in the military for what you all do. I am ashamed to say that I don't stop and think about the fine men and women in the armed services more. Like most of us, I take you for granted until something horrible happens (9/11 etc.). And then without hesitation you all leave your families and jobs to go risk your lives to protect us. Anyone not supporting our troops no matter what their political opinions are should go live with the Taliban for a while..

Have a great weekend, Gale...

Comment #10

Here is my lemon chicken recipe. It is fast & easy. Also tastes good on Kebobs or shrimp..

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into "fingers".


Zest & juice of 2 lemons (most gets discarded so just count as a condiment).

1 T. vegetable or light olive oil.

2 crushed garlic cloves or 2 tsp garlic powder.

Salt, pepper & parsley to taste.

Marinate chicken no longer then 30 minutes in refrigerator. Grill on indoor or outdoor grill until juices run clear. Tastes great hot, cold or room temp...

Comment #11

Chicken kabobs are the easiest and feed the most. Get the flash frozen chicken tenders from Costco or the market. Cut them up and throw into a large ziploc bag. Grab some Lawrys marinades from the market. They have pretty low carbs and you are actually not ingesting that much. Most dripps off on the grill and gets thrown away in the marinade bag.

Stick them on some sticks and your DONE! They are easy to carry too. Have fun!..

Comment #12

LOL thanks Barbara....that is what I say.....sad to say I have seen some comments on the boards that I don't agree with....i.e. showing political views and bashing the President. (see my post on Patriotism at it's best under the Off Topic Board). I too think if every American could spend at least a day in Iraq they would have a better appreciation for their freedom and instead of blaming would understand. But I will still fight for their right to say their comments. Knowing Americans support us means more than I could ever explain.

They are my heroes..


Proud to be an American Soldier..

Comment #13

Buckeyegirl's chicken salad recipe sounds like it'd be great on a sandwich made from oatmeal bread (in my opinion, the only way to eat oatmeal!).

But, do remember that the serving size for chicken is now 6 ounces and not 7!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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