My Medifast Diet blender died?

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Before I started Medifast, I was drinking 1-2 shakes per day, usually protein shakes mixed with frozen fruit. My husband was also drinking similar blended shakes as well. Our previous blender died, we got a new one, that just died so I was stuck yesterday with the prospect of no blender for my shakes. Our current blender is under a year old so it may be covered by a warranty but making blended shakes is hard on blenders and we were making up to 5 shakes a day between the both of us..


We headed to Macy's because I know the Bella Cocina Rocket is popular among Medifast people and it was $19.99. I've made two shakes so far and I like them although my ice doesn't get completely blended up. I think I need a bit of practice. So far I like it...

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I've had my Hamilton Beach Blender for 20 years (oh gosh, am I THAT OLD!) and it's made more batches of Margareeta's than most bars! Now it makes Medifast shakes and crushes huge ice cubes fine! I recently bought one just like mine at a yard sale for $5 - as a spare! How's that for a recommendation!..

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Oh look, here's one like mine on ebay and it's still less than $5 in the bidding..


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I know the feeling. I bought my mini blender on for $17. It's small enough to bring to work and make shakes and it is great at crushing ice. The only bad thing is this blender is only available online.


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I am sure older blenders actually do last longer! The new ones just aren't built the same. The one that I had that died out last year was a Hamilton Beach except it was a newer model...

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With the rocket and the bullet if you take the cup off the base after about 30 seconds and shake it for a second and then blend again you will find all your ice will crush. I think it is because some of the ice gets stuck away from the blades and you just have to manually relocate it. Hope this helps...

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"Cooks" from JC Penny is a fabulous Magic bullet knock off. It is often on sale for $19.99. I even bought one as a gift for my boss..

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