Medifast recipe for My L&G today..?

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I had this for my L&G. YUM. Garlic and Herb Chicken & spinach.

Sorry it looks a bit deshevled, I didnt think to take a picture of it til I took a few bites..

6oz Chicken breast, sliced.

1.5 cups of spinach.

1 oz (1 wedge) of Laughing Cow LIGHT Garlic and Herb.

Alittle Salt and pepper to taste.

Maybe some garlic powder!.

Throw it in a pot sprayed with pam or 1 tsp of olive oil.

Let it cook!.

When the chicken is about done, throw in the cheese stir, let it melt into everything real good...Prepare for something creamy and delicious. tada. took all but 10 mins...

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Sounds and looks so good!!! I think I will try that!..

Comment #1

Glad to share!.

Some of my words got cut off and the end ah well! but you get the idea..

Comment #2


Putting Laughing Cow back on my shopping list. I make a similar dish w/out the cheese...this should be fabulous,.

Thank you!.


A fan of the cow that laughs..

Comment #3

When did you put the spinach in? After the chicken and before the cheese??..

Comment #4

Ok, putting spinach on my shopping list. thank you for sharing this, it sounds wonderful!..

Comment #5

Ooooh...that looks so good! I just bought a big thing of spinach at Costco so I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow! Here was my dinner tonight: Swordfish w/sundried tomatoes & olives and grilled zuchinni & squash..

Comment #6

They both look yummy. I luv sun dried tomatoes but didn't know we could have them. Wouldn't they be high in fat from the oil, or are there some that are packed in water?..

Comment #7

You can buy them dried and use water to plump them up. I use a VERY small amount, just enough for some flava!..

Comment #8

Oooh, thanks. I'm buying some. Luved your new chic shades...

Comment #9

The chicken and spinach is right up my alley..looks delicious. Why does the cheese look like grated cheese? is that what this laughing cow kind is..or is that just how the picture looks??.

Going to make this soon for sure....thanks for the idea..


Comment #10

That looks wonderful! I'm going to the store to buy some spinach tonight & that's what I'm having for dinner!..

Comment #11

Nah the cheese is actually melty and creamy and good! lol I just sprinkled some romano around...

Comment #12

Berettachick, thanks! I happen to have all the ingredients so this is going to be my L&G tonight!..

Comment #13

This was so yummy and it looked pretty fancy, which always makes me feel proud. Thanks for the fabulous recipe..

One question: My laughing cow didnt get melty completely, it stayed rather clumpy and didnt disperse very well. Any tips? It was still completely delish...

Comment #14

For me I drop it in and press it with a spoon in the pan then stir it to try to get it a bit better with the melt factor. hope this helps!..

Comment #15

Thanks for bumping this. I love spinach...I'm gonna try it!..

Comment #16

This was AMAZING! I didn't have enough chicken so I added 2tbs of FF cream cheese along with the Laughing cow. Cheesy goodness. Fantastic recipe, will make it again and again, thanks for sharing it. pretty pic too!!!..

Comment #17

This looks great, and I need something new to do with chicken. I think I'm going to try it with broccoli, though, instead of spinach not a big fan of spinach cooked that way unless it's in spinach dip. Which is *definitely* not on plan! LOL, at least not the way I make it. Hmm, maybe I should work on coming up with a Medifast version of spinach dip.....

Comment #18

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