Medifast recipe for Miracle Noodles??

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Has anyone tried "miracle noodles"? I bought a sample packet of the angel hair pasta, and I thought it was okay and my husband thinks it's horrible.

What do you guys think, and maybe have some ideas. I made chicken parmigan with noodles and sauce.

For those of you saying "what is miracle noodles?" go to and check it out! I thought it was pretty cool!..

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Hi there.

I LOVE THEM!!! I make a stir fry with them I have the long noodles and also the small type I think Orzo and can add them to the soups or the fast soup broth (I haven't done that yet but think about it and then forget LOL).

You can use them in pretty much anything you would reg noodles ...Keep trying them in different things and your hubby will probably like them as well in time LOL I find cooking them differently affects the texture like in stir fry's they dont seem to be as rubbery like.

Hope this helps..

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These are just another brand of shirataki noodles, which lots of people here use. You count them as your green serving. I like the kelp noodles better, but lots of people like the shirataki noodles a lot (then again, some people hate them)...

Comment #2

Vie, what type of kelp noodles do you use? i've seen references to them before, but i'm kinda curious about them...

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I get them at the oriental grocery store - the brand is just some unpronounceable oriental name. They are very much like bean thread in consistency if you have ever had that, but almost no calories or carbs. I eat them with WF marinara and a little parmesan cheese, or to bulk up the Medifast chicken noodle soup - for those things I will boil them for about 1/2 hour to get the a little softer. They are also good cold like a salad...

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You can try also. I can't find them locally and I am one the prefers kelp to the shirataki...

Comment #5

Thanks so much, ladies! i'm going to try these...

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