Medifast recipe for Mini Crockpot-- Great for Soups!?

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I got a mini crockpot (2 and 1/2 cups) free with a larger crockpot I bought a few weeks back, and I've been using it for my soups yummmmmmm! I put the soup mix in with 2/3 cup of water for about 2.5-3 hours, and it makes the mixes into real soups! I like mine a little thicker you can add more water for a thinner consistency. But this rehydrates the mixes and cooks them at the same time! I throw it on in the morning and by lunch time it's ready to eat..

They sell these crockpots separately at It's called the Little Dipper and it's only $9.99. Worth every penny!.

So if you're struggling with soups give this a try! I was amazed I think you will be too!..

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I use one every day I work! I put my chicken noodle soup with double water, viva la difference, a little chicken bouillon, a little garlic and some poultry seasoning into it in the morning and whenever I have time to eat, it's ready!..

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I use my big crockpot and cook a whole box at a time and divide them, put them in the freezer, then pop them in the mw for 5 minutes and it is also perfect everytime. Just another idea...

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I got inspired by this so I bought a 1 quart crockpot at Longs Drugs for $15.

I love it!! The soups taste so much better and it is so easy to deal with (the crock lifts out for easy washing or nuking, too)..

I've been making 2 servings at a time, love it!!!.

Thank you for the idea!..

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I agree. I got the little 16oz one, and it is wonderful, portable and quick...

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I think I will have to invest. I have one but it is in storage and I dont know if I can locate it with all the stuff in there. But if I can great but if not it's time to get something new because I think this the ticket I need to do the receipes and make them taste much better.

Thank you I am going to go shopping this weekend...

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