Medifast recipe for Mexican Hot Dogs?

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This is in honor of Gatita's quick bread recipe, and it is your usual hot dog, but with some sides that make it spicy!.

Follow the bread recipe (1 COB packet, 1/4 cp of eggbeaters, a pinch of BP, mix well and microwave for 2 minutes).

I didn't slice the bread but made a round pancake with it..

I boiled a turkey dog, chopped tomato, onion and pickled jalapeos. Toasted the bread in the oven just a bit, added a bit of mayo, put the winnie in the middle with a tbs. of tomato, onion, and jalapeos, mustard and bit of ketchup..

MMMMMMM, this is de-li-cioso!!!..

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Nice idea! It sounds delicious. Now I'm considering using the bread recipe to make myself a turkey burger - with bun! If only my WF no-calorie ketchup would get here.....

Comment #1

Actually the soup version was moeneek's ... but anyhow, what a great idea! I miss hot dogs!!..

Comment #2

We used to wrap a grilled slice of bacon around the hot dogs. I soo miss that..

Gatita tell us if you can eat bacon during maintenance..

That could literally be a pig in a blanket Moeneek's!!!.

If it is to you that I ow that recipe I thank you from the bottom of my gut!..

Comment #3

I found HUNTS One Carb Reduced sugar Tomato Ketchup in the supermarket (SWM) (found with the other Ketchups) and that is what I use with my plain burgers. Just thought I'm mention it if you all hadn't known about it. NI is ... 1 TBS = 5 cal; 0 fat (any of them); 0 chol; 190 mg sodium; 1 carb...

Comment #4

Guess you could use that bread around one of those chicken sausages from TJ's and add whatever seems appropriate for the flavor of sausage. Maybe one of those would make me think I was eating a brat. I also miss hotdogs and bacon. I'm gonna have to try this if I can find some turkeydogs...

Comment #5

Good idea Monique - maybe I can try to put the "bread" dough around a turkey dog, nuke for a couple of minutes, and then finish with a quick toast in the toaster oven (to save time and heat!)..

Reading the recipe forums is a bad idea - makes me want to prepare 10 meals a day!..

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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