Medifast - what results have people had both GOOD AND BAD?

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Got a quick question: Medifast - what results have people had both GOOD AND BAD? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Next week is the first holiday meal at a family event and they are serving ham and tons of carbs I am sure. I haven't told anyone outside my home what I am doing because Medifast just fits into my schedule without any problem, and frankly, I felt nobody really needs to know. I am sure they don't tell me what they eat everyday for every meal. I am scared and a bit nervous about this, so much so that I don't want to even go.

How do any of you handle these situations?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

I was with family at Thanksgiving. A combo of 15 friends and family. My family knows..our friends paid no attention. Nobody really cares what you eat and what you don't eat has been my experience. Everyone's family is different, so do what works best for you (not your family) at this point...

Comment #2

Thanks for your replies. I was just going to wait awhile until I had a good start on my weight loss before I said anything. I will try to plan and do the best I can...

Comment #3

I've been on Medifast for a while and very few people know. So I'm with you there!.

Anyway, if it's family, I'd just bring my own food, or at least a dish that falls in L&G guidelines...

Comment #4

I still haven't told some people I've done MedifastI tell them just that I'm doing "low carb" which usually explains what they see me eating. Low carb is mainstream enough that people don't get as alarmist...

Comment #5

I would stick with saying "low carb" too if you don't want to tell the whole story. Or you could say you are just getting over the tummy flu and want to eat light. The Medifast guideline for lean and green is 250/300 calories and 15 carbs. You should be able to find something within the limits...

Comment #6

Are you in a position where you can bring something to the meal? A green salad is always on plan! The hardest thing about family events for me when I was just starting out wasn't so much the pressure from others, but falling back into my own habits. Before I started Medifast I usually was on Medifast and I wouldn't eat much before I went because I wanted to save points for the "big event". Then I'd be starving when I got there, I'd dive into the piles of appetizers that my MIL puts out, followed by a big meal and dessert..

Now, I time my Medifast meals so that I literally eat one on the way or right as I get there. That way I'm not hungry, and not tempted by the appetizers. I also make sure that I have an on-plan beverage (usually diet soda or sparkling water) in my hand at all times so that I don't absentmindedly pick at the food just to have something to do with my hands. This also helps to remind me to get in my water. I bring a Medifast brownie to eat while everyone else is helping themselves to 800 calorie slices of pies and cakes. That way, I don't feel 'deprived of dessert' and start to stupidly feel sorry for myself.

Last Thanksgiving, I anticipated feeling tempted by the mashed potatoes and stuffing, so I made my own Medifast versions and brought them with me (mashed cauliflower and stuffing made out of cream of chicken soup 'bread'). That isn't really an option if you'd prefer to not share that you're on MF, but hopefully you can find enough to eat that is OP to get you through. It feels really great to make it through a holiday on plan!! Good luck!..

Comment #7

If I were to eat 5 oz. of ham at Easter, I would figure that my weight might be up a little the day or two after from the sodium but not the calories (unless I ate the fatty stuff). If you eat ham, just make sure you are not eating anything else except your veg. And the advice above from weisla is excellent..

Here's a post from nutrition support in response to a question about ham being on or off program:.

Ham is generally not recommended as a "lean" option due to the sodium content. However, on this special occasion it would be OK to have a 5 ounce portion. Just remember that excess sodium intake may contribute to water retention and potentially hinder weight loss efforts..

Matt RD, LDN..

Comment #8

Concerning your other problem about what to tell people. You might want to let them know that you are working on becoming as healthy as you can be and that you need their help and understanding. If they ask what you are doing and you don't want to explain, just say that you are eating healthfully and that you are feeling great!..

Comment #9

I always had this problem with my mother's holiday mealswe are Italian and she cooked giant lasagnas, huge loaves of bread, piles of dessertsand regardless of what I'd eat, I'd always gain 10+ pounds over the holidays..

Sadly, my mother has become very infirm, so we will visit her, but she is not cooking dinner. Instead, we're going out to dinner to a nice restaurant (with a lobster special on Easter, YUM!).

And my DH's family is Jewish, so they celebrate Passover. My MIL is very health-conscious and totally supports my diet, I'm bringing a big salad to share, and she's making turkey and brisket and roasted veggies. I have never developed a taste for kugel or matzoh ball soup, matzoh stuffing, macaroons, etc. so I don't have any problems there!.

I would discreetly mention to the hostess that you are on a low-carb diet (prescribed by your doctor if that helps), and that you would love to bring a salad, shrimp, or whatever you might care to bring that you can eat..

I don't think people really care either way what you are eating, when it's a buffet. My mother (who has weighed over 300 pounds BTW) always taught me that it is RUDE to turn down an offer to eat at someone's house, or to say no if a hostess offers cake, or not to clean your plate if you are eating at someone's home, etc. I totally disagree (it's no wonder she's so always been so obese) and I think people are enlightened enough to understand..

Enjoy your family!..

Comment #10

Very few people know I am on MF. When I am at holiday meals I just scrounge for veggies and lean meat and then compensate later if need be. If anyone pressures me to eat off plan, I feign a stomach bug...

Comment #11

Sassy, I am feeling exactly the same way and was discussing this yesterday with my health coach. I think I can handle being around the food without too much trouble, but I do not want to draw any attention to myself. Only my immediate family knows that I am on Medifast and I really don't want to have to explain/justify my choice. I am going to have a few bars with me and do my best to use the food there to make my lean and green. Even if there is only ham, my coach said it is ok to use as my is higher in sodium than normally allowed on plan, but it is not a horrible choice. If I can just find a plain vegetable or salad, I will be fine.

I don't want to avoid family/friend get-togethers so I am just going to have to learn to deal with these situations. I'm sure the lessons we learn while losing the weight will help us maintain the loss in the long run...even though it's rather daunting right now...

Comment #12

So this year I took charge of Easter... it's also my bday... kind of a double whammy... Anyway... smart little me decided to have everyone over for breakfast/brunch.... we're up doing the bunny thing anyway..

Juice, fruit... that's it... simple... something I would do for my kiddos anyway. I am NOT eating this breakfast at all.

I am also not buying any candy for my kids... they will get some from the grandparents... hoping for no big bunnies. Anyway... that's my plan.

Maybe heat the pool if the weather cooperates and just chill out... grill something later in the day... big salad... that kinda thing... Easter/brithday...

Will not slow me down.... just want to keep on moving. Easter feels less daunting that Thanksgiving and Christmas.....

Comment #13

Also... speaking of ham..... at Christmas this year... Medifast told me that 5oz of ham would be fine on extremely limited occassions realizing that the sodium would wreak havoc on water weight gain, but that should level out over a few days...... I sure you can search the site for it.....

Comment #14

Ooh, this year I'm going to go on the offensive and have Easter at my place. Can you say BBQ??? If they want carbs, they can bring them!..

Comment #15

That's funny, Sarald. It was nutrition support's answer to your Christmas post that I posted on page one of this thread. Small world, huh??..

Comment #16

I'm kind of in the same boat for Passover- big dinner, lots matzo, etc. I am going to try to make a lean & green of it, without having to explain myself..

The great thing about holidays and other people is the attention shouldn't be on you or what you're eating (or not eating). Most people are busy (or, quite frankly, self-absorbed) so it shouldn't be an issue. That's what I am telling myself anyhow. Good luck!..

Comment #17

I do as others have said and say I'm eating low carb (if someone asks...). I was "stuck" at a dinner party where there wasn't much that was indeed low carb, so I just made due with the veggie and cheese platter. The cheese was not low fat, but I did the best I could (and I was STARVING!). It did not affect my losses that week. Thankfully, it was buffet style and stand around and eat (not at the table). It made it easier to avoid the "that's all you're having?" questions...

Comment #18

Kinda long, sorry..

I went through that this weekend. Started off on Friday afternoon when my mother and aunt stopped by so I could follow them out of town to my uncle and grandfather's. My aunt decided she was starving to death and had to eat right then. My aunt has always been on the smaller side...she tends to eat like a bird but drink like a I love her but she has a lot of quirks and doesn't listen real well. She decided we needed to stop by Olive Garden.

I asked the waiter to not put anything on them (which he insisted they had to have some oil because they are grilled - which I said to tell them very little). I asked for extra veggies w/it instead of the potatoes and that I wanted them all steamed instead of grilled) aunt pops out with.."she's on a diet".. the waiter just looked at her and said I gathered that (hahaha)... Later she gets the stuffed mushroom appetizer that she ordered and asks me if I want some or can I not have any. I said yes I can have it but I choose not to..I can eat anything I want.

So I explained there was nothing wrong w/mushrooms and that I liked them...however, the breading/stuffing, cheese and butter/oil is what made it fattening!.

This is the same aunt who 2 wknds ago I visited and she made salad. I specifically told her that I brought 2 salads - 1 a chef salad for everyone and 1 that was just romaine lettuce for me. She put them both together in a bowl, poured three different creamy dressings on it and about 3 tbsp of honey! When I told her I couldn't eat it..."I just don't understand what is wrong with salad, it is good for you!" AAAWWW!!! I just wanted to scream and ask her what she didn't understand about wanting to actually eat healthy!.

To get back to my original story - once we arrived at our destination the rest of the family was very pleased to see my weight loss and very encouraging. My uncle's wife made sure she made items separate for me and was very supportive. I had also brought extra Lean items for myself...any time I go anywhere I plan ahead and make sure I have my Medifast meals and I take a LG w/me because I'm not going to take the chance and not have something OP. So depending on what kind of "aunt" or other family you have...make sure you are prepared for what will be there. Call whomever is cooking and ask their menu and find out if there are things you should/could bring that will be OP for you..

On another off topic - we had a big dinner one night (cookout and my "good" aunt making her fabulous peach cobbler and homemade bbq sauce and broccoli/cheese casserole) - she made me some steamed zuchinni to go w/my Morning Star grillers that I threw on the grill. I was putting the zuchinni on my plate (she only made enough for me) and I put my burgers on my plate and then stepped away to find a fork - my 81 yo grandfather's gf came over and started taking them off my plate and adding to hers!!! Then the "bad" aunt came over and took some. My "good" aunt was like OMG...I can't believe they both just took them off your plate! HAHAHA - I just couldn't believe it..I had to laugh. So I still had some zuchinni but had to add a salad as well. Just gotta plan. Best of luck!..

Comment #19

Today we celebrated April birthdays (4 family members) and an early Easter at my SIL's with a brunch. I was told to bring fruit. I called my SIL in advance and asked about the menu. Ham, sausage, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, egg casserole, cheese blintzes, fruit and breads. And of course lots of deserts. I said I was bringing a salad, but she told me it was all breakfast foods....

So, I ate a Medifast meal just before leaving home and figured I'd have some scrambled eggs and maybe a sausage link, then have a big salad when I got home. I get to the party and there are no scrambled eggs. Just a whole collection of OFF PLAN foods and not a vegetable in sight. I asked if there were any scrambled eggs and was told to have the egg casserole instead because "all it is is eggs, butter, cheese, and bread.".

So I am standing with a completely EMPTY plate and have family members telling me to "just go ahead and celebrate since it is my birthday/anniversary in April.".

I didn't eat. Anything. And I learned my lesson. Next time I am going to a meal at a family members where people are bringing things, I will bring my "assigned" dish and something that is OP. And I'm not going to ask, I am just going to bring it..

Lesson learned...

Comment #20

Wow all of these replies are so helpful! I love the Medifast discussion boards, thank you so much. I will definitely do an Medifast meal before and take a bar to have in my purse in case desserts are too tempting. I never eat dessert at their house anyway. They are used to that since I had gastric bypass and explain that sweets make me go to sleep immediately, and that is true. I also have the cop out that she puts onions in everything and I absolutely HATE onions (this is my stepmother and this is an issue I have had my entire life with her). Setting something aside for me without onions was not in her plan ever.

That is how I could tell if she was mad at me or not. If she was mad, the onions would be cut up really small and they were hard to pick out of the salad. Anyway, that is totally off topic, but I will definitely make it work for me. I think I will take a green salad for everyone. She always says not to bring anything, but this year, I am.

Plus that will just get her goat won't it? mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

Comment #21

Whether you tell or not tell, is up to you (mostly you'll find when you have a lot of weight to lose, no one will tell you, "no don't do anyhting to lose weight". But if you don't want to talk about diet all through the day......

1.) bring foor you can eat: perhaps mashed turnips and a fresh veg dish ?

Comment #22

I'm going to my sister's house for the Passover seders and I'm a bit worried. Although she is also on MF, I have a feeling that it's going to be a challenge. Hopefully I'm wrong but only time will tell..

I understand not wanting to tell people about Medifast but, for me, I'm up front about it since I really feel that it takes a lot of pressure of both me and whoever else is involved in any given situation. People do really understand if you explain the program to them but I will agree that it helps to also include the fact that this is a low carb and low fat program. That's really something they can understand pretty easily..

Good luck everyone.....

Comment #23

Sassy, plan to DO the plan. When people ask you if you want this or that, why explain anything? Just say "No thank you, I don't feel like having that right now.".

End of story. You don't have to be transparent and tell them your every struggle about really wanting it but "not being able" to have it. If you go into those things at all you are likely to have them all over you like flies on watermelon trying to get you to eat "something" off-plan..

Tell them your tummy has been giving you a little trouble lately. Tell them no thank you. You are doing this for YOU, so do it! =).

Wishing you the best success!..

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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