Medifast take-out L&G Ideas???

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My wife has a work dinner tonight and I do not feal like cooking for myself and the kids (I do all the cooking). My first thought was Boston Market. Anyone out there have any good takeout lean and green ideas that I could still get something for the kids at. They are 6, 4 and 2 so nothing too elaberate...

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I like Quizno's or Subway for a green salad with chicken or turkey and veggies. The kids can do kid's meals or sandwiches... If it's just me I go to Applebee's carside pickup for a big salad, but that gets kind of expensive too... with little kids at least you can call it in and don't have to get out of the car though...

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Well my thought would be go to a grocery store, pick up a rotisserie chicken (or 2), get some frozen veggies, buy some frozen rice if you want for the kids and heat up the veggies and rice in the microwave and you have an easy no cook meal...

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You could still do Boston Market!.

Good choices:.

Roasted Turkey.

Roasted Sirloin.

Chopped Salad: no Craisins, sunflower seeds or Bleu Cheese.

Spinach side: no butter sauce..

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I love the skewered shrimp salad @ Applebee's.

It only has 210 cals & is soooo good. They also have kid's meals & like smatz said , you can do the carside to go. We picked one up for me Sunday & then went to Taco Bell (for my son & hubby) & we all ate there at Taco Bell...

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I ended up doing boston market. Got the family meal. A whole chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, green beans, 3 cornbreads and 3 huge cookies. The kids had everything. I even pu honey on the cornbread for them. I had come chicken breast meat, broccoli and green beans.

When the kids were done my one son did not eat the half a corn muffin I gave him. Before I knew it I had eaten it. That was my first bread product in over a month. I am a daily weigher and I still lost a lb yesterday...

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