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I just can't seem to get into the soups/chili... they seem to have a distinct smell and taste that is giving me a little trouble..

Any suggestions on how to make them a bit more tasty! I usually love soup and would like to make it work (especially since I have a bunch of boxes...) so need some help!.

Ideas welcome, please!..

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I'm new at this too, and I know others will probably have better suggestions, but I've found that heating them on the stove slowly instead of in the microwave seems to help. It takes about half an hour but it's worth it to me! Add a little more water and lots of spices. I sometimes add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of no sugar added tomato sauce or diced tomatoes, especially to the chili, and that helps some. Someone also suggested adding a little bit of salsa. That's what works for me...hope this helps some! I haven't figured out how to make things other than soup with them - like "bread". I keep losing the posts that have those recipes on there!..

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You know I still have not smelled that smell everyone is mentioning about the foods. Except the time I forgot to wash out my Medifast shaker cup! OH Yuckie!.

I consider myself a foodie, and like to cook alot of gourmet things, I find the soups great, I do not like the chili. I do have to add something to the soups, I have found that plain salt and pepper works great. My doc said not to worry about adding salt, becasue the ketosis keeps you pretty straight and doesn't cause water retention. Lately I have been adding the crystalized bullion made by Wylers, they make chicken and beef granules, and I usually get by with about 1/2 tsp. During my TOM I had an extra half, because I crave the extra salt. I don't add extra seasoning becasue I find I like the taste of them as is, but salt is necessary to my taste buds...

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I add better than boullion to all my soups. Plus I like to jazz up the flavors by adding curry spices, soy sauce and mustard, ginger, etc. All perfectly Medifast legal. The cream soups are also good made as a pancake/flatbread/cracker type of thing...

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There are so many posts that it is easy to lose them. From before I started, I copy and paste any recipes or preparation tips into a Word document. I did page breaks for each type of food (shakes, oatmeal, soups, etc.) and for Nutrisystem info (how much olive oil/day, etc.) and that way it is easy to find recipes I like.

Also, you can search: Go to Mmmm...Recipe and Food Tips and use Search This Forum for whatever you are looking for (Chili, Minestrone, Broccoli Soup, etc.)..


Use COLD water to mix up firstNuke until bubbling andLet any soup with stuff in it SOAK (especially necessary for chili and minestrone)Stir, add seasonings, BetterThanBouillon, veggies, tomato, or salsa, stir again and re-heat.

Experiment with the amount of water you use. I usually use 7 oz. for the soups and 4 oz. for the chili as I like it thick and chili-like..

Buy some different flavors of BetterThanBouillon from the grocery store or order online. It is far superior to bouillon and doesn't add that salty taste..

Save some veggies from your daily L&G to add to soup: CHILI: 1 TBS of salsa works especially well (along w/some chili powder).MINESTRONE:1 TBS of canned diced tomatoes and some chopped cooked veggies (any combo of green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, etc.) and 1 tsp of grated parmesan.CREAM OF BROCCOLI: add a little cooked chopped broccoli and some Molly McCheese..

You get the ideajust experiment and play around with it. Also, keep in mind that your tastes will change and what you hate at first may become a favorite later on. Hope this helps!..

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Suesully, that is exactly what I do, copy and paste! Easier to keep up with them!! Great minds think alike, lol...

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I like to make the soup "crackers" with the tomato soup. I couldn't eat it as soup then I saw a post for the crackers and can't wait to order more soup.!..

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Thanks everyone, great ideas all! I'm trying so hard to stick to the plan so this will surely help me do that..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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