Medifast Rocket Blender - Love it!!!!?

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Ok....I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE my Rocket Blender!! My sister has the Magic Bullet and I think my Rocket Blender, is much nicer. I think the quality is much better and I think from what my sister said...I paid much less. My Rocket was $29.99 plus shipping via Amazon for a total of $40. It was shipped directly from Macy's in 2 days with no special shipping charges.

I am not sure who here on the boards recommended the Rocket...but whoever it was....THANK YOU!!!!.

Just thought I would share my cheesy excitement!!.

All my best.....


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My mom just bought the Rocket Blender and loves it, too! I have the Magic Bullet (my husband bought it several years ago) and it's not too bad, but if and when the motor dies I'll probably look into the Rocket Blender, myself...

Comment #1

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'm new to Medifast and was wondering about the MB. There is a Macy's 5 minutes from here, so I'm on my way to buy one...

Comment #2

I bought the Bella Cucina blender from Macy's...I'm not familiar with the Rocket, but this one works great too!..

Comment #3

When you use the blender for the shakes, can you store them for later? Do you need to re-blend when ready to drink?..

Comment #4

I love mine so much that last week I bought a new one that I keep at work. It sure makes the shakes so much more betterer!!..

Comment #5

I was reluctant to spend so much money on the MB when I have a perfectly good blender. I found the Slushie Express on sale for $15 it is well worth it- figured if I like it I can upgrade later- but I LOVE IT, as is. So easy to use and it does the job- It is also at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20. Great savings..

Just took someone;s advice and mixed my Medifast eggs in it- FLUFFY!..

Comment #6

Just to clarify for anyone wondering... the Bella Cucina blender from Macy's is the Rocket Blender... Bella Cucina is just the brand. Took me a while to figure that out - was wandering around the Macy's small appliance section pretty confused :-)..

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