Medifast reviews for Ready to drink shakes?

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I was thinking of ordering some ready-to-drink shakes. If you've used these do they come in a metal can? If they do, do they have a metallic taste (this is what I hate about RTD slimfast)? Also how is the consistency are they really thick or just like the shakes we make? Any other opinions on them? Lemme know! Gracias!..

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I use the ready to drink shakes, very convenient. They come in a plastic/carboard square container with a straw attached on the side, like a child's juice box. The chocolate is my favorite but I also drink the vanilla, but not as much. I think they're so much better than the ones we mix ourselves. It's all I ever use. Try them, you'll like them...

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I purchased one to try and they are just OK, in my opinion. I thought the taste was different than the dry packaged shakes. I am sure there are people that use them and like them though!..

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I really like these too and am going to order a case the next order I do. To me, they taste a little like the Carnation instant breakfast (SF Chocolate). They aren't oto thick, but I found they get thicker of you put them in the freezer for about 30 minutes before eating and giving a good shake. They are even good at room temperature and don't have any of the grittieness that the ones we mix ourselves do. The only problem it that you can't add any flavorings or sf syrups to the ones in teh box. , but it nice to have something to take to the mall or a movie...

Comment #3

I have bought these for days that I'm out shopping or whatever & can't mix my own. They are very convenient. I normally drink the diabetic choc shake and I like those better. The RTD are, IMO, thicker and more concentrated. Usually, I make my shakes with a little more water or ice chips than the packet instructions. So, they are great for convenience but I like the powdered shakes better daily consumption..


Comment #4

I just got 4 cases...I used them at work..Let me tell ya....throw them in the freezer..and you have ice I love these easy to carry to work...and they have there own straw....wish I had them all year...LOL...better late then never.Later Prez..

Comment #5

I really like the RTD shakes, but I wish they were not so expensive...

Comment #6

We prefer the taste of the RTDs because they are not gritty or chalky. They are very smooth. The chocolate one tastes very similar to store bought chocolate milk... with the same texture as well..

We were concerned about the cost at first, but then we realized that we were mixing the powdered shakes into a bottled water. Once we subtracted out the cost of the bottled water, the price difference was only 15 cents. My husband and I both think the convenience and improved taste (and less calories and carbs) are all great reasons to spend the extra 15 cents.

As long as your order is $200, there is still no shipping so you don't even have to worry about that cost either...

Comment #7

I love the RTD shakes. I too wish they weren't so expensive!!! I have gotten to where they are so convenient, I usually don't have anything but those, a bar and maybe a snack besides my L&G each day. I just ordered 5 more cases...

Comment #8

I have to say they are pretty good. I have only had the chocolate ones, since I am a chocoholic. I do agree that they are kind of expensive, but if you are on a trip I think they are the easiest way to go...

Comment #9

I've used them also and really like them. I just ordered a case of them. Yes, they are a little bit more, but the convenience is worth it...

Comment #10

I, too, use them at work. I just don't have time to mix while I'm teaching, and I really dont want to premix and carry it with me. So, I don't mind paying for the convenience...

Comment #11

Thanks everyone...for the feed-back! Guess what's going on my next order?!! lol..

Comment #12

As all the others have said, the RTD shakes can't be beat for portability. I order them by the case and take several to work each day. If you freeze them and then let them defrost a bit, I cut off the top of the drink box with scissors and eat my "soft serve" with a spoon. Make's for a nice afternoon sweet treat at my desk at work.

I can pop one in my handbag, have them in the car, out shopping, or pack them for travel...

Comment #13

And the cost is not that much more.

Powdered SHake.

$14.50/ 7 servings = $2.07 per serving.


$54.00/ 24 servings = @2.25 per serving.

That is only a difference of $.18 per drink and completely worht it in my opinion...

Comment #14

Oh yah, I just love the RTD shakes. It's called convenience and they are so silky smooth and tasty. I slurp them down ...

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