Medifast review of crab soup?

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I put a bit too much salt and pepper in it but it is excellent, a must-try (and I am not fond of seafood soups usually)...

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I wonder how it would be with some REAL crab meat added to it? Hmmm....I may have to put that on my order this month. Thansk!..

Comment #1

I bet it would be great with real crab meat, because actually it does not really taste like crab to me, it's more like a tomato-vegetable chowder (let me tell you those 2 kernels of corn I got were the bomb! I have missed corn so much!)..

Comment #2

I'm not too crazy about seafood flavors. Does it have a strong seafood taste??? I hope I get a free sample with my next order because I would like to try it but I am afraid to order a whole box and then not like it...

Comment #3

Hey O2Bthin,.

Maybe if you didn't like it as soup, you could enjoy it as some "crabby crackers"! lol..

Comment #4

I usually don't like seafood type soups, but I went ahead and tried the free sample with the order we got this last Friday..

Have to say....this stuff is another winner!.

DH loved it too, as we split it, or tried to, LOL!.

In fact, I went ahead and placed another order for crab soup!.

Rather pay shipping than wait until next month to order!..

Comment #5

I thought the same thing...they were really sweet. Oh the little treats...between the potato bits in the beef stew and now the corn...We get a little taste of the forbidden!!!..

Comment #6

No, I didn't think it had a strong seafood taste at all. I got nervous as it was in the microwave because it smelled a little fishy but it didn't taste it at all. It was so good, I wish I didn't have to wait a month to place my next order!..

Comment #7

Dang!!! Now I am wishing I had ordered some!!! Y'all are making me crave the stuff now!!!..

Comment #8

I got my order over the weekend & they put a free sample of the crab soup in it it is wonderful!! Next month, when I order, I'm going to order a couple boxes of it!!..

Comment #9

I LOVE crab (cakes ) I never tried seafood soups because I don't care for extreme fishy tasting or smelling foods, but I can't wait until my re-order time to try this stuff out! Good idea about adding some real crab to the soup...sounds great! Thanks for posting your opinions about this new "meal"...

Comment #10

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