Medifast recipe for Spaghetti?

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Can someone please share a good spaghetti recipe? It is my favorite food and my aunt made it yesterday. I didn't eat any and she couldn't believe it. That was a major milestone for me because I would usually scarf down two huge plates of it. So, I need a Medifast friendly spaghettie recipe...

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Shirataki noodles with homemade sauce. mmm yummy..

Last time I had it, I cut up a pork chop and mixed it in. It was good to have something more solid in with the noodles and since we can't have meatballs or sausage - it seemed like a plan...

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I usually take some ground turkey, sauce and shirataki noodles. At first the noodles taste sort of bland so I add garlic (you can add whatever spice that you like though) and let those sory crisp up before adding the cooked turkey. add sauce and it's (almost) the same!..

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Just last week I made some lean turkey meatballs and sause and really wanted the spagetti also.. but.. don't laugh... I lighly sauted some 'long strings' of cabbage.. and it tasted great.. but then..

And that is ground meat wrapped in cabbage leaves with tomatoe sauce..

Years ago on a low carb diet I also made spagetti using shreeded zuccini... it really tasted good !.

Good luck. I've not tried those sharatiki ( sp? ) noodles yet since their so hard to find...

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I like the shirataki noodles (having them tonight with homade sauce & a sprinkle of fresh parmesan cheese), but when I was on WW I used to eat spaghetti squash this way as well. They are both a little different in texture, but it curbs the pasta craving...

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Ok, read the response on the spaghetti using shredded zuchinni, has anyone tried using spaghetti squash? I need to make some sauce and the turkey meatballs sound so yummy...great ideas you all have...

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The spaghetti squash is very good and less work then shredding the zuchinni...

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Spaghetti squash is awesome! I haven't made it since being on Medifast (I didn't see it on the veggie list). I used to make it all the time. Cut the squash in half, take out the middle pulp and seeds, put in microwave for a few minutes or so, then fork it right out, and it should come out looking like spaghetti. I used to make it with ground turkey and Walden Farms' tomato sauce. It's really great! I'm going to ask Nutrition Support if we can have spaghetti squash. I'll let you know what I find out..

Here's a link about spaghetti squash..


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