Medifast recipe for Soup cracker - help please.?

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Hi everyone. I am new (4th day) and have been so inspired by all the recipes! I tried the crackers last night made from soup mix (I used the cream tomato) but need some suggestions for added seasonings. I don't like the taste of the soup out of the box, I added seasoning salt and a pinch of red pepper but it was waaayyyy too salty. Can I have some of your concoctions? Any soup variety...please?..

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Go to the search forums link and type in the soup you want to make a recipe with and dig through the returns to see what people have posted...

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I love the Mrs Dash blends. No salt. My favorite is the tomato basil. Be generous with it!.


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Thank you....I am definitely staying clear of the salt from now on. I choked them down just not to waste the packet. The only good thingis I drank 4 glasses of water with that meal. LOL..

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You definitely don't need to add salt to the cream soups as they tend to be salty anyway. When I make the Cream of Chicken into crackers, I put the powder, the 1 tsp of baking powder, some garlic, some minced onion (just a shake or two) and some Molly McButter buds...oh or sometimes some Molly McCheese. Mix the dry ingredients, add the water a little at a time until it's the right consistency. For the Cream of Tomato soup, I add Molly McButter, a little garlic (I love garlic ) and then either some italian seasoning, or a salsa type seasoning. Depends on my mood. My suggestion would be to think about crackers you have liked in the past and what they tasted like. Then use seasonings to aim for that flavor...

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I love garlic too, I am going to try again over the weekend with everyones suggestions.

I have trouble finding Molly McButter in the stores, what aisle do you usually find it in??..

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Awesome !!!! I'm 4 days in the diet.. my first recipie.. I need them more watery or thin, I dont have regular oven but convection oven and mine raised like little panckakes but then I put them in on dehydrate for a while. I added MRS DASH for my spice.. LOVED THEM.. cant wait to make more..

You knoe you can make crackers from finely shreeded.. just put in a pan and let melt then turn.. very cheeze and tastes just like TIDBITS. But I think we need to stay low fat right?..

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Thank you Emerald B! But how long and what temp do you bake in a regular oven?..

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Budrflykis - I think it's in the seasonings section of the grocery store, but I guess you could also try the diet area.

Fluffymom - I set my oven temperature at 325 degrees because I think mine runs a little hot. The original recipe says 375 degrees. I set my timer for 6 mins and flipped them with a metal spatuala...very carefully. The original recipe says 11 min turn over and bake for 6 to 7 mins more. It didn't take that long for mine. And some say to flip the crackers, shut the oven off, and let them just stay in there until the oven cools.

Some also make the batter a little thinner and come up with chip-type things, but I haven't tried that...

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Emerald B: Thank you for the help! I am going to try to make some this afternoon with the tomato soup mix. Looking forward to crunching!!!..

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