Medifast recipe for Quiche?

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I have searched for a Medifast egg "quiche" recipe. Can anyone think of a way I could use the Medifast eggs to make a "quiche"? Do you think I could take some of my L&G and mix with it and bake it? Thanks for any suggestions...

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I have baked the eggs for a frittata sort of thing and they worked great. But I don;t think anyone here has come up with a quiche yet!! If you do, please share the recipe, sounds like a great idea for a portable lunch!.

Maybe a crust made of Medifast crackers? Okay, I may have to try this tonight myself!..

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I haven't seen a quiche recipe but here is OrangeBlood's souffle recipe:.

Cheese Souffle.

1 Cream of Chicken soup.

1/4 C egg beaters.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

Shake of Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb.

2 T lf shredded cheese.

1 T shredded parmesan.

1/4 C water.

Put everything but the parmesan in your MB or blender. Blend until smooth. The batter should be similar to a pancake batter. Maybe a little tiny bit thicker. Pour into a Pam sprayed individual casserole dish like the little round Pyrex dishes. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.

This is your water bath. Bake at 350 for 35-45 min..

Counts as 1 Medifast meal and a significant portion of your Lean...

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OK, what's the frittata recipe?.

I've done a search and can't find it!.

Gatita, get in that kitchen and whip something up!.

This sounds like a great idea!..

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That's for helping. I found a recipe that calls for "bisquick", what could we sub for that? Hey, do you think I could grind up a cream of broc soup mix to make "flour" and add it to a Medifast egg? Do you think it would hold together?.

If I poured it into little ramekin dishes, would I need to do the water bath? Would you bake it at 350?..

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I just wrote out the whole dang recipe and my computer nuked it! Starting over, grrrrr.....

This came out really good ( at least I think so). The crust is based on OrangeBlood's pita. can we nominate him for Medifast sainthood?.

The whole thing took like 10 minutes..

MF Quiche.

4 servings.


1 pkg Medifast brocolli or chicken soup.

1/4 c egg beaters or 1 pkg Medifast eggs with 1/4 c water.

Butter extract to taste.

Spray an 7 inch round pan with Pam.

Pour the batter in until it covers the bottom.

Bake at 350 until just set (couple minutes max), then turn on the broiler to lightly brown the top..

Take out of the oven..


2 wedges laughing Cow cheese, warmed in micro until soft.

3 pkgs Medifast eggs mixed according to directions or 3/4 cup egg beaters.

Pinch of salt.

Put all in MB or blender and whip..

Optional: add chives, onion powder and/or 1 T low fat bacon bits..

Pour over crust (don't worry if a little leaks underneath the crust)..

Bake at 350 until a knife inserted comes out clean, then turn on broiler until top is very light brown. Slide it onto a plate and cut into quarters. When it came out, I sprayed the top with ICBINB..

BTW, I used very little salt because the crust is pretty salty..

If you use all Medifast eggs, each serving = 1 Medifast meal, plus 1/2 oz. cheese from lean..

If you use all egg beaters, each serving = 1/4 Medifast meal, plus 1/2 oz. cheese and 1/4 c egg beaters from lean..

Optional low fat bacon bits (25 calories) = some minute amount of lean or maybe 1 condiment?.

I used a mix of 1 pkg. Medifast eggs and the rest egg beaters, so I am still trying to figure the math! Oh well, I'm just logging it all and I'll take it out of my lean somehow...

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Also, my Egg Beaters are MUCH lower in calories than the ones on the L&G pulldown menu... don't know where they get that!.

But you can find them under "other foods," at 30 calories a 1/4 cup, which is what mine are...

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Wow Gatita - You are AWESOME!.

Since I have trouble boiling water (and sadly, I am not exaggerating), after about how many minutes should I first check to see if the knife comes out clean?.

The only recipe that I have been successful with is dbbthreads ice cream. And THAT took about 3 tries.

Thanks so much for the recipe and the info!.


Comment #7

After about 2-3 minutes, I checked every minute or so... it cooks pretty quick. I love to cook but never been a baker so this is all new to me, too!..

Comment #8

Gatita, Thank you, thank you!!!! Guess what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow?!! You have a gift. Thanks for giving me a recipe for quiche!!! Have a great night...

Comment #9

You're welcome... not sure if it's what you had in mind, but give it a try ..

I forgot to say I sprayed ICBINB over the top when it came out of the oven...

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OMG!!!! YOU SO ROCK!!! I have been DYING for quiche. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!..

Comment #11


Do you think I could make this in muffin tins without the crust? When I low-carbed I made these quiche cups with eggs, bacon, onion and green peppers and LOVED them.

You know the consistency when you cooked it, would this make up good in muffin tins sprayed good with Pam?? Talk about a real grab and go. It used to be my favorite!.

What do you think?.

Thanks again!.

Sharon =: D..

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Actually I just made it without the crust, it works fine.

I also used 4 Laughing Cows and it came out much creamier...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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