Medifast recipe for Oatmeal?

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I have been reading the recipes to change the different oatmeals into muffins and cookies. Well I still feel guilty and dont want to change anything so I did what I do when I make quick oatmeal cookies for my 18 month old daughter out of her instant oatmeal. I make the oatmeal as I normally would just use 1/3 cup of water and let firm up a little. I then place the oatmeal in balls on the sheet and bake at 12 minutes in a 350 oven. I dont need to add anything else and it is 100% better than the oatmeal normally prepped. I dont know just tastes so much better.

I started making her the mookies when she started making a mess eating her oatmeal! This way she eats her oatmeal and they are easy to take on the road. I figured I could do the same with my medifast...

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Hey, that sounds like a great idea. Now I know what to do with the peach oatmeal that I've been dreading!!!..

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It wasnt half bad and they smelled good too. I usually have to chase a spoon of oatmeal with a gulp of water. I didnt have to do that with these...

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The cookies are better than eating some of the oatmeal plain, but I still like the pancakes. That way you can drown out some of the flavor with pancake syrup.

Too bad though that absolutely nothing helps out the peach stuff...

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Thanks lauralee, I also love the idea. I think I just might make some tomorrow. I like easy, easy, easy & no thought to it... That's why I like Medifast so much. I don't have to think just make it......

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Ok Lauralee....I am going to try to make those easy oatmeal cookies. They sound easy enough and with no extra ingred.[IMG]deer[/IMG]..

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Do you cook it in the micro first and then ball it up - or mix the water, ball it up and bake it? When they say step by step - they really mean it for me, ha, ha...

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