Medifast recipe for Hot cocoa and raspberry cookie-cake thingies?

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...Another goodie in the "I'm too lazy to bake" series!!!!.

(With a nod to gohawaii, who started it with her 2-minute muffin top ).

This is going to be my portable "muffin" I'll take on a business trip next week. To me, the hot cocoa tastes a little more like real cake or a cookie than the shakes do..

I mixed:.

1 pkg. Medifast hot cocoa.

2.5 T sugar-free syrup ( I've used vanilla, kahlua, chocolate all good, but raspberry is my fave!).

I put it in a bowl sprayed with butter Pam and cooked it in the micro for 2 minutes.

Ovens vary, of course. If you cook it less time, it's more cake-like (like a muffin top), cook it longer, it's more like a crispy cookie. Both ways are good!..

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Hey, Gatita! Thanks once again for a cool recipe! What do you do for your day job? Chemist? Chef? Mad scientist? You sure come up with some neat stuff...

Comment #1

Gatita! I tried this with the chia and davinci sf spice blend syrup ... it got really, really crispy and wonderful! thanks!!..

Comment #2're a genious gatita!!!!!.

I made this with 1 pkt Hot Cocoa and 2.5 Tbsp Walden Farms Pancake syrup....

It tasted somewhere in between a cookie, a brownie and a fudgecake!.

My mom's (who is also on Medifast and has lost around 30 lbs) birthday was Friday, so I made one of these and gave to her as her birthday brownie (as she likes hers to stay soft)....PERFECT!..

Comment #3

Yes..I did mine in the microwave...bowl sprayed with Non-Stick Cooking Spray.

2 minutes for a little chewy, a little crisp.

1 minute 45 seconds for chewy, like a brownie.

My mom thought it was sinful.

I couldn't believe that something so simple could taste so good!.

And if you want to split it between two meals....Mix up a Medifast pudding and scoop 1/4 of your pudding over the brownie...and reserve the other 3/4 of your pudding to eat later in the day...Mmmm Mmmm..

Comment #4

LOL, I would love to be a mad scientist if the job paid a living wage.

Thanks! Becca, glad your mom liked it!..

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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