Medifast recipe for Dessert Toppings?

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Has anyone tried Steel's Sugar Free Jams and Dessert Toppings?.

I was browsing the Walden Farms section of Netrition and did a search on "sugar free". I found:.


Sweetened with Splenda; they seem to have a few carbs per serving, but they look yummy. Anyone tried them?..

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Hmm ... I just noticed that the dessert toppings are higher in calories. And the chocolate fudge topping contains Malitol. Yikes! Malitol isn't kind to my digestive system. Oh well, it was fun looking at them.

I'd love to find a company who's products are similar to Walden Farms...

Comment #1

Although I try to stay as "plain" as possible, since I don't want to have to count and log too many extras, I did shop at a new market yesterday and found Hero Sugar Free Black Cherry Preserves. They are sweetened with Splenda. 1 tbsp has 10 cals, 0 ft, 2 g carb, 0 protein. I put a tsp. (less than 1 carb) worth on my oatmeal muffin this AM, and it was great. I have tried other SF jams in the past, and they tasted bad.

I noticed they also have strawberry, raspberry, apricot, and orange. It's made in Switzerland. Website at

Comment #2

For what it's worth, I have tried the Walden products and the Steel's products. I have not found ONE Walden product I can stomach. However, the Steel's are great. They do have a little bit of carbs and calories as opposed to Walden's zero everything. But it's worth it for the taste...

Comment #3

Oh yeah Sue, thanks for the Hero info. I tried to order on website and it didn't seem to work. Maybe another blonde moment for me.....

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I just copied the site addy from the label, haven't even looked at it. But, if I found it in Dave's market in North Kingstown, RI, I would be very surprised if someone in LA doesn't stock it! Lemme know. If you can't find any, I'll send you a CARE package! Take care of that cold!..

Comment #5

Hey Sue, thanks. And yeah here in LA it's a lot easier to find things. Will snoop around but if I don't find them will take you up on care package offer. I am dying with this cold. Ugh...

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