Medifast recipe for DARK CHOCOLATE?!?

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Hi Friends!.

I LOVE the taste of DARK CHOCOLATE and I finally discovered how to get the flavor of DARK CHOCOLATE in the Chocolate Pudding..

Simply add 1 teaspoon of PERO (Instant Natural Beverage) to the 1/2 cup of COLD water and one Packet of Chocolate Pudding. Shake it up real well and ENJOY!.

Most stores carry PERO but if you can't find it - look at Whole Foods or Safeway/Vons..

The PERO company has a website

The 1 tsp of PERO adds 1 calorie and 0 carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Sodium, 0 Caffeine. I figure I burn the 1 extra calorie by shaking it up! :-).

It really does taste like DARK CHOCOLATE!..

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Thats like a cofee creamer? how can it get the pudding to taste more chochlatey..

Comment #1

Well how does it get you to taste like more chochlate..

Comment #2

I think it's adding something that tastes slightly bitter that does the trick. It does the same thing flavor-wise that adding instant coffee crystals will - gives it a little *zing* and ends up making it taste like DARK chocolate!.and Pero has no caffeine.


Comment #3

What isle would this be located in? The coffee/tea section?.


Comment #4

Hi There!.

YES, WestGal has it CORRECT! The thing that sets the taste of Dark Chocolate different from Milk Chocolate is the less sweet - slight bitter flavor - with some coffee notes under the chocolate flavor. Pero is made from Malted Barley and Chicory and is a coffee substitute - it does not have the negative influences on your insulin that coffee does.

You can find PERO in the Coffee/Tea section of the grocery.

There are other types of Coffee substitutes available but I found PERO to be the best tasting for me. I drink it in the morning instead of coffee now that I am on MF. I saw a TV show with Dr. Perricone on PBS once and he explained the effect of coffee on Insulin - it sounded like bad news - so I kicked the coffee habit and I stopped the plateau I was on for a long time...

Comment #5


You can always add a shake or two of salt to the chocolate pudding it will do the same thing. It add's a little bitterness and if you mix it well it's great tasting. It's also alot cheaper than PERO. I learned that trick a long time ago...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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