Medifast recipe for crepes?

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I just finished making crepes (1st time) for tomorrow as I'll be on the go and figure the crepes would be good for portable. The recipe said it makes 2 meals , I made 3 (about 8 in) sized crepes and I'm looking at them and thinking to myself that I don't think I'm going to be fulfilled enough w/ having to split it and save half for second meal.

Has anyone else encountered this?.

P.S. The recipe was:.

1 package Vanilla shake.

1 package Medifast eggs.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1 tsp vanilla.

1 packet splenda.

Pinch of salt..

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You might want to try switching to egg whites and taking away from your lean. Obviously you get more volume when eating the shake and the eggs by themselves. You could also make sure that you are drinking a big glass of water with each serving of the crepes...

Comment #1

Looks like 2 Medifast meals to shake, one egg. I don't know any other way to count it!.

The muffins are pretty portable also...

Comment #2

I love the crepes, but I only fix them on the weekend. On Sat I generally wake up and start moving around a little bit later in the day so I combine my first two meals and it works really well. Even though they are pretty filling, I don't think that half would be enough for me...

Comment #3

I've asked this question before and I never received an answer. Can anyone tell me how much water to add to the crepe recipe? Also, approximately how long do you have to cook them before you flip them over. I love these crepes they are delicious, but mine just don't seem to come out right. Thanks!..

Comment #4

I was actually pleasantly satisified w having crepes as 2 meals. I didn't think I would be, but I was. I drank alot of water before/after so that helped as well as the program itself since we're eating 6x times a day..

Unfortunately, I didn't think to measure water in a measuring cup first, I just had some water in a regular cup and was adding little at at time to get that thin batter consistency. It was really trial and error, adding a little at a time. Next time I'll be sure to use a measuring cup..

Comment #5

Do you put anything is the crepes? before Medifast I have only had crepes with fruit or cream filling. The egg whites in place of the Medifast eggs were a great idea, same amount but not counting as two Medifast meals. Thanks!..

Comment #6

I love to put the Walden Farms fruit spreads inbetween or take a touch of cottage cheese (deduct from your lean) and add that!.

I used to eat these everyday, but now allow myself these on the weekends, too..

Been on a back-to-the-basics thing, and limiting my condiments and having no recipe foods during the week..

But, yes, these are counted as two meals and they are worth every single bite!.

One of my favorite Medifast recipes !!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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