Medifast recipe for cream of broccoli soup?

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I just tried the cream of broccoli soup for the first time and it so did NOT knock my socks off. What do y'all do to it. First week on Medifast and have been happy with everything so far...

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I make it with only 5 oz of water use my "My Little Mixer" with lukewarm water. Mix and add 1/8c of bitty pieces of frozen/thawed broccoli (taken away from amt in L&G) then I add that and nuke for 30 seconds.... YUM..

Sometimes I add a tiny bit if butter buds if I am in need of them..


I also make the cracker bread with it and love it esp for a "pizza"...

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I tried making the crackers with it, but OOOOOH they were so salty. Really strange since I am the "salt queen" ! LOL..

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I actually like to eat the soups because they are hot and I have to eat it slow or I'll burn my insides!.

What I do for the cream of broccoli is mix it with only 6 oz of water then I add about 1/4 cup chopped broccoli florets (I just keep a bag in the freezer and get out what I need); about a teaspoon of real bacon bits (the kind sold in the glass jar); and a slice of American Cheese flavored Veggie cheese.

I usually mix it up in the morning when I'm packing my lunch and just let it sit in the fridge for a few hours, shake it up again, then nuke it.

It's so good I would probably eat it if I wasn't on MF!..

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If all else fails you can use it to re-grout the shower.

Actually I hate the cream soups but I dragged one out of the back of the pantry and made sort of a gravy for my chicken. Getting a little tired of chicken the same old way. It wasn't bad! Made it a little thicker than they recommend so it was more gravy-like...

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[quote=KarenB]If all else fails you can use it to re-grout the shower.

LOL!!! Love it! I'm actually going to send it back. I'm afraid if I try to cook it into bread or muffins I might get scarred for life!..

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If you use two cups of water plus one teaspoon of Better than Bouillon chicken flavor and simmer it slowly then add some Molly McCheese, you have a good bowl of broccoli cheese soup!..

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Try making the pita bread with it - it's really good that way!..

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For all my soups I add Pacific chicken or beef broth(8oz is 10 cal.). This makes it much more tastier!!..

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I made a "pita" version tonight with the cream of tomatoe. I mixed the soup with 1/8 cup egg whites, 1/8 cup water...then add more water to make a pancake batter consistency, some basil, garlic, cracked pepper, pinch of salt, parsley and a bit of red pepper flakes. I sprayed the nonstick pan w/Pam and cooked like the it so it doesn't burn..flip and cook another minute or so. It made 2 large "pitas". I spread the 1oz Laughing Cow cheese over both pitas and sliced my grilled chicken thin and placed it on the cheese then topped with a small amout of my lettuce and tomatoes from my salad and folded it over. Made a very tasty Grilled Chicken Pita.

I used the crepe/swedish pancake recipe posted on here and made it savory with the soup. You could use the broccoli soup too!..

Comment #9

Hi, I just ordered for the first time & I ordered the bocc soup. Where do I find the Better than Bouillon chicken flavor and the Molly McCheese. Are they allowed for someone that is just beginning this journey or is that for maintance?..

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I made 2 packets at a time, with half water and half chicken stock from a box, some frozen broccoli and a little non-fat cheese. I steamed the broccoli, then put the water, stock, soup packets in the blender. Then, I had two meals that I sprinkled with a little shredded non-fat cheese before I heated. It was pretty darn good, if you like broccoli/cheese soup anyway. Thanks for all the good advice!..

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I LOVE my Cream of Broccoli soup!!! A bit doctored, of course!.

While steaming broccoli florets (however much I feel like having out of my Green portion for the day - the more the broccoli, the thicker the soup), I place into my Magic Bullet (in the larger blender container):.

1 packet Cream of Broccoli.

8 oz. fat free chicken broth (I use low sodium).

1 Laughing Cow Lite Garlic & Herb wedge.

Salt & pepper to taste.

Puree that completely. Add the drained steamed broccoli to the blender and PULSE to only slightly break down steamed broccoli (too much blending and you will end up pureeing the broccoli and lose out on that good texture). I sometimes add a little water to adjust the thickness of the soup..

I then heat up the whole shebang on the stove (takes like 1 or 2 minutes) and it is creamy, thick, delicious, and FILLING. I sometime add some ground flax meal to the first part if I haven't already used my daily allotment. Makes it even more delicious..

This really makes a WONDERFUL meal, and the Laughing Cow wedge is only 1 extra carb, 2 grams of fat, 35 little calories and 2 extra grams of protein! A perfect snack..

Yum - I think I will be making that for lunch today!!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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