Medifast recipe for Chocolate Pudding Soup?

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I tried searching but couldn't find my answer...

For the second time, I tried to make chocolate pudding and failed miserably...

The first time, I used a fork to mix for a minute (as directed on the Medifast packet). Let it sit, it never thickened..

This time, I shook the pudding in my trusty Medifast shaker for a minute and then put it in the fridge overnight. This morning, it was chocolate pudding soup....

Any tricks to make it thicken up? All I want is for my pudding to look like it does in the Medifast commericals.

Thanks all..

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Hi! How much water are you using? I was making the chocolate soup for a while until I realized the recipe called for 4oz (1/2 cup) and I was using 6oz. I also like sticking my pudding in the freezer or blending it with ice for a thick shake. Good luck!..

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Yikes...I think I'm using too much water. I was using 6 oz rather than 4... I bet that's the problem..


Comment #2 don't like drinking pudding?.

ICE COLD water is the key...4 oz. and shake it in that shaker jar until you no longer hear movement..

I also add a T of SF/FF pudding's considered a snack I think though so remember to deduct it. It adds texture and taste...I use butterscotch in vanilla, cheesecake in chocolate, chocolate in banana...yum!~..

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To get all the lumps out I use a whisk as a well instead of a fork. It makes it very creamy and like girlnate said, use ICE COLD water, if you use anything other it will not set correctly...

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For my chocolate pudding, I use a Magic Bullet to mix it.

6oz cold water.

MF Pudding.

1T SF/FF Pudding.

4 ice cubes.

Blend in bullet and put in freezer for a while till thick. The extra water and ice seems to make it bigger, so it seems like I am eating more..

I eat my pudding for my last meal of the day, got to order more ...

Comment #5

Thanks for all the suggestions guys...I always use bottled water right out of the fridge so it's ice cold...I must have been having a blonde moment when I did the water calculation...I read half a cup and added 6 or 8 oz.....

Note to self - remember...a cup does not equal 16 oz............

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