Medifast recipe for Chili?

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I cook mine in the crock pot all day, and add banana peppers and different hot sauces. It comes out pretty good!..

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I mix mine with water in the shaker, let it sit for awhile. I add chili powder, some spices to it and some salsa ( about a tbsp). Pop it in the microwave for the required time, but watch that is doesn't get to thick. You can add a little xtra water if you want it thinner. After I cook it I sometimes add a little FF cheddar cheese to it.


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My sister adds Tapatio hot sauce and a spoonful of salsa to it. I add a ton of Chipotle Tabasco. I've heard of people adding chili powder and some scallions, and you can grate a 1/2 oz. of low fat cheese (from your lean) over the top for added flavor..

By the way, if you do pre-mix and soak in the shaker DO NOT MICROWAVE THE SHAKER CUP or you will have a molten heap of chili-covered plastic in the middle of your microwave. Instead, transfer the mixture to a microwave safe bowl...

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I pretty much prepare it according to directions, just add some spices and some cheese and I love it!!!..

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I have made TORTILLA SOUP :-).

I mix the Chili with 1 Cup of Boiling Water. Add either some crushed red pepper ot about a teaspoon of Emeril's Hot Sauce. I let it sit (Covered) for a few minutes (it is too hot (temp) to eat right away). Then I add one serving of Multi Grain Crackers - stir them in without breaking them - and let them sit for a few minutes to soften but not get too mushy..

Then Enjoy!.

Once in awhile - I will add some chopped green onion on top just to "dress it up" :-)..

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I cook mine in the crock pot, I add fresh tomatoes, onion, celery green bell pepper and a whole lot of spices. This is actually my favorite Medifast meal..

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I mix with some ground lean beef and salsa...

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I add extra water, beef bullion cube, 1 tbs ketchup, chili powder, cumin, and a little cheese after it is cooked. I have also added onion sometimes. I cook mine for about 2 minutes in the microwave and then let it set for about 30 minutes and then heat it back up and enjoy. I love the chili!!! For the beef stew I add extra water and a beef bullion and it is delish!!..

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