Medifast recipe for Chicken Fried Rice?

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Yum, Yum. I made the chicken fried rice last night from the recipe collection. It was GREAT!! Better than the real stuff! My daughter (not dieting) ate half of it! I will certainly make this many times! LOVED IT!..

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Please may I have that recipe.

Sounds yummy!..

Comment #1

Here it is! It is wonderful!.

Chinese Fried Rice.

4 servings.

1/2 head raw cauliflower, grated to make 3 1/2 cups.

3 green onions.

1 clove garlic, minced or 1/2 tsp garlic powder.

1/2 teas ginger.

3 Tbsp Soy Sauce.

3 eggs, beaten.

Olive Oil.

Cooked Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Turkey any mixture, your choice.

In a wok or large flat skillet, heat enough oil to cover the bottom. Fry minced garlic (or garlic powder) with finely diced white part of onions for approximately 1 minute. Add grated cauliflower and fry for 4-5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add soy, ginger, diced green onion tops, and pre-cooked cubed meat or baby shrimp. Stir to mix well and brown a bit. Push mixture to one side of pan.

Stir eggs into rice mix and remove from heat. Stores and re-heats beautifully...

Comment #2

Thanks for the recipe......I made some fried rice of my own the other was pretty good...I think I will try that tonight.......hubby may even like this fried "rice"..he really doesn't like regular rice..but this sounds good......heading to the store today.......


Comment #3

YUM! That looks wonderful! I've had the "mexican rice" but had not seen this before! I know what I'm having as soon as I get to the store and buy some soy sauce! Thanks for sharing!!..

Comment #4

If I didnt use egg how would this be counted in the plan? vegetable?..

Comment #5

I make this "rice" all the time, but just use the finely shredded (shredded in a mini-food processor) cauliflower. I fry up some ground turkey or ground sirloin, remove it from the skillet, add a bit of olive oil and then fry the shredded cauliflower adding a few spices. When the cauliflower is done I add the ground meat and I have a tasty "casserole". I count the meat as my lean and the cauliflower as my green. I don't add the soy sauce because of the salt content. (I suppose you could get the low sodium or sodium-free soy sauce.)..

Comment #6

Hi, I am new here...where is the recipe collection? Thanks for your help...

Comment #7

Sounds yummy, can't wait to give this one a try. How does it count on your L&G since you have both eggs and meat in it?.


Comment #8

I just had this last night and it was fantastic! I think I went a little crazy on the soy sauce though, because I am so bloated today (: Darn sodium!..

Comment #9

That is way too much lean. You could probably get away with 5 oz. of chicken and 1 egg but not what you have written...

Comment #10

Sounds so good!.

I just bought the ingredients to make this for lunch... minus the soy sauce. Even reduced-sodium soy sauce has waaaaay too much for me!.

Also going to use Egg Beaters to save calories...

Comment #11

Hmmm... the recipe serves 4!.

It also doesn't say how much meat to use, so I with less than 1 egg per person and whatever meat or shrimp, I think the lean should be fine..

UPDATE: Just had it for breakfast, couldn't wait for lunch. It is really good and so filling!..

Comment #12

My husband and I had this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! I was wondering if my husband would eat it because he's pretty picky about "diet" food, but he loved it. We even sent it to some of our friends who are doing Weight Watchers. Thanks for posting this great recipe!..

Comment #13

I finally remembered to buy the soy sauce & made this over the weekend. Yum!! VERY good. Thanks so much for the recipe!..

Comment #14

I agree - this is a new favorite. I'll be making this regularly :-)...

Comment #15

OK so what's the MEXICAN FRIED RICE.. no beans in it ??? is there?..

Comment #16

I think this shall be my dinner tonight Especially since my hubby loves salmon and the salmon I cooked yesterday won't last long if I have to eat 5 ozs of it...

Comment #17

Exousia for the mexican rice, saute a small finely diced onion in olive oil, add the grated cauliflower, salsa, garlic powder, cover and simmer for 20 minutes comes out just like mexican rice very yummy! I usually add pre-cooked diced chicken to it too for a complete l&g meal...

Comment #18

Okay....I've got a kid that HATES rice...but loves cauliflower...I am gonna have to try this out...

Comment #19

Ditto for me.....

I gave a bite to my husband without him knowing what it was and he was like YUM!, what is that?..

Comment #20

I'm going to try the husband switcheronri also.. and see what he says. (heehee) And veggies are so much better for you than white rice !..

Comment #21

I decided to do the chicken "enchiladas" and red "rice" recipe instead. It was pretty good except I forgot the only salsa I keep in the house is extra hot and well I got really hot rice..

Comment #22

I had printed this recipe a few weeks back and finally got around to making it tonight....yummmm! It was so filling and tasty. I had made a chicken recipe last night using soy sauce, garlic & red pepper flakes as a marinade so I had that leftover and it tasted so perfect in the fried "rice". This will definitely be a keeper!~..

Comment #23

Does this count as a Lean and Green? I'm new so excuse the question if it is clear to everyone else..

It sounds great and I want to try it so I appreciate the help in figuring how it works in the plan!.


Comment #24

Enchiladas and red rice? Do you have that recipe too? I'd love to try it...

Comment #25

Erushing: The cauliflower serves as your green and the chicken/pork/shrimp would be your lean. I used one egg so I used less chicken (4oz) to make it even out.~..

Comment #26


I found the recipes under the top tap- Success tools. hope this helps!.


Comment #27

I tried the fired rice tonight and I was surprised; I really enjoyed it and I don't really care for Cauliflower. I changed the recipre a little and made it more on the Thai side. I used just a dap of the Thai red curry paste - you can use more if you like more spice. I did not add the soy sauce or ginger for the Thai version. Really good..

This is just my 4th day and so far I find it very easy compared to other diets...

Comment #28

If this is for 4 servings, how many ounces of chicken should we cook if I were to follow this recipe?.

Sorry this is my first time venturing out into the Medifast friendly recipe world. =).


Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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