Medifast recipe for Beef Stew?

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Anybody got any good ones? I looked over OB guide..didnt see anything. I LOVE Campells Sirloin Burger CHUNKY soups, so if we could get it tasting similar to that,I'd be set!..

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I had some left over sauted mushrooms and I took a tsp. of low carb sour cream and mixed it together after it cooled down a bit. The sour cream may break if the stew is too hot. I subtracted the mushrooms (1/4 cup) from my L&G dinner. I will definetly try it again. I also put some black pepper to taste.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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I usually add some beef, some Rotel tomatoes and some mushrooms. Yummy!..

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[quote=Pawp1]I usually add some beef, some Rotel tomatoes and some mushrooms. Yummy![/QUOTE.

Sounds very good may try this one..

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I just cooked 7 packets in the crockpot. I added 7 cups of water. 1 tablespoon of beef better than bullion. Some season salt and pepper. Let it cook on low for about 4 hours. Just had a bowl and it was great.

They are great reheated...

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I will be trying I tried your chili receipe and it was FANTASTIC! ive bragged about it all over the forums! haha!.

What section of walmart/grocery store would I find the beef better than buillion? I looked in the spices section of walmart and couldnt find it..

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I add a half tsp of tomato boullion. It's wonderful!!!!..

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My husband just made some beef stew in the crockpot and it's actually pretty good! Thanks for the great idea...

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I add a beef bullion cube and lots of crushed red peppers. Cook it on the stove. I like it hot and spicy...

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I added some Worchestershire to it (about 1 T. or a little more) and some sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Be sure to let it sit a bit to thicken. Delicious. Good luck!..

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I do two packs in a small crock pot.. with 1/2 cup diced tomatoes in a can and sometimes 4 oz of fried up ground turkey and get two nice sized servings...

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I also do the crockpot. I cook 5 at a time and take to work for my week of lunches. My favorite way to do the beef stew is to add 1 oz/serving of precooked ground chicken breast when I put it in the crock pot and some fresh chopped cilantro or basil at the very end when I package it up to take to work. It keeps in the fridge all week for work. (we have a full sized fridge in our break room.)..

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