Medifast Pudding - Ice Cream Question?

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I tried making the ice cream using a packet of pudding, water, 1oz of cream cheese, ice cubes, spenda, and flavoring. I put it all in a blender and the ice cubes didnt crush all the way, it was watery and did not mix well at all. How can I fix this? Also, am I supposed to put it in the fridge or freezer to thicken it?? Thanks, Lisa..

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I make the ice cream a few days a week and never have any trouble. I do, however use the crushed ice from my freezer. It is the consistency of a frosty from Wendy's. Some folks put it into the freezer for a bit to harden up. I tried that once, it turned to stone and was not the same. Hope this helps, it really is a lifesaver when everyone else is eating ice cream...

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Make sure you are using a half cup of water and not a whole cup. I buy crushed ice in the bag but before I started doing that, I put ice in a freezer bag and beat the crap out of the cubes with a meat mallet! It worked great and got A LOT of frustration out!:-)..

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Is that the entire receipe:.

MF Pudding.

1/2 cup water.

1oz of cream cheese.

Ice cubes, spenda, and flavoring.

I have never tried the receipe yet and would like to do something a little different?..

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I don't even use the cream cheese and the flavoring or splenda....I just put in equal amounts of water and crushed ice with a pack of pudding into my blender - let it blend all the way through and I got a nice creamy thick chocolate milk shake. Put a little less water in and I bet you get ice cream...I LOVED my milkshake tonight.....

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I grew up in El Cajon,,, My brother and his family are still there he is a ECPD... I was back down there last year.. I graduated 1987 Granite Hills You?..

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I make the drink as usual (except I only use 3/4 cup water) then I put it in my cuisinart frozen yougart, icecream and sorbet maker..

You can add your flavor drops or any other adders like you do for your drinks...

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It's not supposed to be watery but it does come out more like soft-serve or a really thick milkshake..

Two tips:.

Buy the mini ice cube trays.

Blend for a long time (like 1-2 minutes) to get it really creamy and dissolve all the ice crystals. You can see it turn a lighter color when it's the creamiest...

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