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Just want to thank all at Medifast..., of course for your great products but also for the connection you had up to (Capella flavor drops) I not only save the 10% with your code, MEDIFAST10 , but this is my 3rd order to them and it is the PERFECT compliment to Medifast....I just love it. Thanks for the recommendation and link. Out here spicing up everything...!!!.

I am sure everyone has seen it before...., hope everyone tries it..


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Patricia!! You are down 202 pounds with only 11 to go oh my gosh!! You are an amazing inspiration to us all!! Congrats on such great weight loss! How long did this take you?..

Comment #1

Thank you for that. It has taken me almost 2 yrs. The first 100 lbs was gone in a little over 5 months. After introducing cheese as my lean.....(no meats) it really slowed things down. My choice though. This IS NOT a complaint.

I constantly say that I have been REBORN....and I have. My list of medical problems (including oxygen 24/7) are almost nil. Who knew this healthier me was hiding in that bigger but sickly body. You already know to some degree what I am talking about....., I see you have lost over 100 lbs yourself. I am sure your body/heart thanks you and repays you with feelin' great..

We are going to make it.....this time for the last time. Yeah for us......all of us..

Have a great day....and if you haven't tried those outrageous little yourself a favor of flavor. TRY THEM..

Comment #2

WOW you are both AMAZING! Paticia - what an incredible loss! You too April! You are both inspirations! Here I am getting frustrated already! I was never overweight until I had an accident and packed on pounds due to lack of exercise. Then I deployed (I'm in the Army) to Iraq (just returned recently) and was injured coming of a helicopter in Baghdad so again I stopped exercising and of course after a year in Iraq packed the pounds back on. Now I'm struggling and have not felt all that great on this diet. I've only lost 4.6 pounds the first week an I'm on day 9 right now. I'm trying to stick to the plan but sometimes find it hard to get in all 5 Medifast meals but I think I'm sticking to it pretty good. I lost 17 pounds the first week on South Beach but when I went back to it I didn't lose as fast so decided to use Medifast as a quick start.

Being in the Army the exercise is crucial and it is difficult to be on Medifast and have the energy to run, do pushups, situps etc. I'm hoping I can stick with this at least until June then I will see where I'm at. The flavor drops sound interesting so I plan to order those to add some variety. I don't drink coffee but think I could add to vanilla shakes and puddings right? Thanks again and congratulations - I only wish I had as much willpower as both of you! Paticia Medifast should put you in one of their commercials!.


Comment #3

Okay okay, you finally made me order the capella drops..

I just sent off for my 7 pack. Butterfinger? Man, I really hope that brings home the flavor. I'm excited to try them out, especially since the vanilla shakes and puddings seriously do nothing for me. And adding an extra chocolatey boost to the other Medifast items? Ohhh yeahh..

Thanks for reminging me I wanted to give them a try!..

Comment #4

I really like the Butterfinger! Also double chocolate has been a staple with anything chocolate on MF..

Brittaing You might actually lose better with MORE calories because of all that exercise I've seen it happen here. You should talk to Nuritrition Support and see if they can help you modify the plan a little.....

Comment #5


Thank you for your kind words.....and a VERY BIG thank you for hard work in Iraq...I am sure if you can DO that.............weight loss will be a piece of cake (always a food reference). My first experience w/weight gain was as you...., after a car accident I grew into the couch I was forced to be laid up on. That was, don't know what the continued excuse was...but I always found one..

I hope you enjoy those drops as much as I do....The chocolate raspberry tastes just like boxed chocolates (put it in the choc pudding)...they are all good. I like the Grandmas Apple Pie and Cinnamon Danish Swirl in the Apple Cinnamon oatmeal (pancakes too)but best I like those 2 flavors in the sf Apple Cider drink cal treat I make hot at night. Just don't over do the amounts (they recommend 3-5 drops for 6-8 oz) other wise it can taste a bit bitter.

Again thank you and all the wonderful soldiers for looking out for all of us..


Comment #6

Alright - I am finally going to try these - time to spice it up a little - thanks..

Comment #7

Thanks Patricia for posting this today. I finally placed an order for these. I sat on the fence forever but not any more!..

Comment #8 guys are driving me crazy! I just ordered the PB2 last night and now i'm going to order flavor drops!..

Comment #9

WOW.....all these new orders for drops, I should ask them for a commission.... Now I hope everyone loves them as much as I do. I am like a mad scientist with my little bottles. You just have to be careful not to add extra...for me this was difficult. I have always been a "if one is good then 2 must be better" person...more was always better (that's what got me up to 363 lbs.)So when I first started to use the drops....of course I did extra. Not gets bitter not better. Hope everyone has a great weekend...

Comment #10

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