Medifast promo code for DaVinci SF Syrups?

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Does anyone know if there is any promotion going on for the DaVinci syrups? I need to order, but thought I'd check to see if there are any coupon codes that I should use. Thanks!.


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I just ordered some and they have some flavors that were $1-$2 off and they have a flat $4.95 shipping. I ordered 3 huge 750ml bottles and they were glass... $4.95..


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I just started Medifast this week and I found the DaVinci SF Syrups right away in my local Sams Club they were cheap too! They were the big bottles for only $4.95. So if anyone is looking for those Syrups and you have a Sams Club nearby I would suggest checking it out. By the way they had every single flavor in SF and I bought one of each and I tried them today and I love them!!..

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I had no idea that Sam's carried them! wow! are they near the coffee stuff?..

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I didn't know Sam's carried it either. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to mine, but when I go next time I'm sure going to look for the SF syrup! Thanks for the info!.

Edit: I just ordered some from CarbSmart and they will not ship this year after Nov 1 (due to freezing weather that can be encountered and the fact many of the bottles are glass.) So 'heads up' if you need to order...

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I accidently found them at Sam's last week. THey had the big bottles and were cheap. They didn't have alot of the flavors, but I bought some Kaluhua and caramel. Wal Mart just had the small bottles, so I already had vanilla and hazelnut. I love them all, so far. I put some in my coffee now instead of the ff creamer I was using before...

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Smart & Final has Torani SF syrups for $3.99 (large bottle), pretty good selection of flavors. My favs are Chocolate and Caramel...

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I always get mine at TJ MAXX they usually have a lot of different flavors in the big bottles for about 5 dollars..

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