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Buying the MediFast Weight Loss Program is the first step, but following it is not that easy. There are many important guidelines one has to follow, so please read through this article thoroughly so you WILL experience weight loss.

Remember, it is definitely not rare to hear someone losing up to 20 lbs a month with this program - it happens a lot! There are many Medifast success stories.

The Guidelines:

1) Yes you indeed can have 3 stalks of celery, and dip it in as much salt/pepper as you wish. You may have up to 2 tablespoons of mustard or barbecue sauce a day.

2) You may have just 1 package of multi-grain crackers a day. Limit your broths to 2 cups a day as well.

3) Many people mistakenly replace meals with Medifast soups. Unfortunately this is a no-no. The soups are good extras to make us full, but they do not replace full meals at all. Do not replace meals with soups! Just spread them out throughout the day, and treat them as extra items to consume!

Speaking of the soups, they are very healthy, as they contain a lot of potassium. I love them.. and they are perhaps my favorite food in the entire Medifast diet program. It is arguably better than drinking water if you feel tired or have cramps.

4) Don't drink any alcohol. This is a toughie, and I can symphatize with those who have trouble abstaining from it. Your social life will probably suffer, but hey it's worth it, right? Think about the end goal: You WILL lose weight, lots of weight. Just stick to it, you can do it! You can! We can have no alcohol at all. Alcohol is like carbohydrates to the body and won't work with the Medifast plan, so were all dry till we're finished the plan.

5) Remember to drink plenty of liquids - at least 64 oz of water is recommended. You should drink lots of water even if you are not going on a diet anyway. Water cleanses the body, and helps the circulation of nutrients. In addition to your water, you may have non caloric drinks, too. We recommend that you limit your consumption of coffee and caffeinated drinks to three per day. Some people experience wildness shakiness or the jitters from caffeine.

The official corporate website ( ) also states that we can have coffee and tea with milk and non-caloric sweetener.

6) You may consume small salads, but remember to use some low-calorie salad dressing. I prefer lemon juice.

7) You can consume any kind of calorie free beverage that we want, in any quantity that we want. Diet soda is really really helping me with the plan. I drink Diet Pepsi, Diet Orange Sunkist, Diet A&W Root Beer, and Diet A&W Cream soda. It really helps to have some variety like that.

Several helpful people have informed me of a product called Davinci's sugar free syrups. Evidently these are calorie free syrups sweetened with Splenda that are used to flavor coffees. They come in 44 flavors and can be added to coffee, tea, iced tea or MEDIFAST SHAKES!!!! Because they are calorie free and carb free, I have been assured that we can use them on the plan.

I have ordered some. I ordered Chocolate, Orange, and Root Beer. I still am having trouble with the taste of the shakes. I drink them but really don't look forward to the shakes. I'm hoping the flavored syrups will help. Several people on another forum have highly recommended them. I'll let everyone know what I think after I receive them.

What does the MediFast Diet Plan look like?

It depends on what kind of program you choose, but my basic Medi Fast Diet plan looks like the following:

Morning: I consume 1 Shake
Mid Morning: I consume 1 Medifast bar
1 PM: I drink down another shake
Afternoon: Bouillon
Late Afternoon: Shake
Early Evening: Bouillon and crackers
Later evening: Shake

If you have any questions about the Medifast diet, you can possibly call the Medifast doctors in the company.

Get $50 off Medifast with Coupon Code: JULY31G

(Coupon expires really soon!)






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