Medifast Peach Tea - YUCK?

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Does anyone drink this stuff? Seriously, I love peach tea and was sooo hoping this would be a great alternative to actually drinking tea. I can't stomach the stuff - it's seriously NASTY..

Any suggestions? It's gritty, medicinal tasting - not what I was expecting at all..

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I agree! I bought two boxes and it is the only product I haven't found a alternative way of preparing. It just has a funny aftertaste. I look forward to any ideas posted here...

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I mixed one up before I left work and am hoping that by the time I get to work tomorrow it will not be gritty - but I'm not hopeful..

Comment #2

The peach tea is rather hard to get down. In fact I found all the cold drinks hard to stomach. However, I read a post that suggested mixing it with flavored sparkling water, I tried a tropical fruit, strawberry/kiwi and a lime flavored one with those drinks. BUT BEWARE, you need only add 8oz in a 22oz glass, they fizz and fizz and you will have a mess on your countertop if you're not careful! I won't be re-ordering them soon but want to get rid of the lot I have so this is a decent way to make it happen...

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I agree. This is the one of the worst products. I wonder why they can't make something so easy like tea taste half-way decent...

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I haven't tried it but I remember reading to help with taste mix with diet moutain dew, flavored water, or hanson's diet soda. Put in tons of ice and make it a slushy...

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I have a raspberry carbonated energy drink I like - maybe I'll try mixing it with it in the blender w/some ice.

Part of it is that it's overly sweet. Now, I'm a southern girl, I loves me some sweet tea - but this crap is NASTY!..

Comment #6

Brew some really strong tea (english breakfast or something) and then add tons of ice and a peach tea. It's halfway decent. Hope that helps...

Comment #7

I have tried the peach in one of my orders there was a free sample and a survey. I liked it, and ordered more, but I also love the raspberry tea too, it is one of my favorite drinks. Taste buds thingy I guess...

Comment #8

I reached into the back of the cupboard and pulled out a Medifast raspberry flavored ice-tea packet and added this to 1 box of sugar free raspberry Jell-oThe strong flavor of the Jell-o over-powered the funny taste of tea. You get a strange layering effect because of the solids in the tea. This would make 4 servings of Jello-o per 1 serving of Medifast which would add 40 calories, 0 carbs so that is the downside..

I might try orange or peach flavored jell-o with the peach tea in a few days..

Thanks for the suggestions of combining this with hot tea. I have a few herbal flavors that would overpower the taste but I didn't think of this before. You just hate to waste this stuff...

Comment #9

I mix all of the cold drinks in a diet soda. Like Diet Rite tangerine. I hate the residue you get with the tea. It reminds me of metamucil in the bottom of the glass...

Comment #10

Its so funny that you guys dont like the teas because after doing Medifast last year for 2 months, the teas became the only things I liked. They were the only ones I didnt have to doctor up to get them down so when I started back up last month all I bougt was teas and bars. LOL...

Comment #11

The only way I found so far to hide this one was baked into muffins with some blueberry oatmeal. I tried to mix it with diet soda, ground in up in a blender and mixed with real tea, added crystal lite and have to say it is the only product I've tried that is just nasty.

I am also a southern gal who knows a thing or two about iced tea and uhhhh this ain't it!..

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